Monday, September 29, 2014

Sotetsu Fresa Inn Tokyo- Kyobashi

I'm back!  Yes I'm a delinquent blogger.  If you've noticed my absence, it's because this lady went to the land of the rising sun - Japan!  Last year, I fell in love with Osaka.  So this year, I figured if Osaka was nice, then Tokyo must be spectacular.  So this time around, Miss M went to Tokyo!  And before I share with you all those yummy food posts, first, let me share with you where we stayed at: Sotetsu Fresa Inn Tokyo - Kyobashi.  

From the moment I booked the tickets to Tokyo, the next thing I do is always find accommodations.  In booking a hotel, I only have three definite musts: first is that the hotel must be of reasonable amount.  Second, the reviews must be pretty good.  And third, the location must be either right smack in the middle of somewhere fun or has public transportation nearby.  A handful of hotels fit my criteria, and in the end, Sotetsu Fresa Inn Tokyo - Kyobashi won me over.  Why?  Because some reviewers claimed that they give out Shiseido bath products.  LOL.

Fast forward to our trip, our flight landed pretty early in the morning.  When we got to the hotel, we were told that our check-in time was still a couple of hours away.  So Hubby and I left our luggage at the front desk and ventured out.  It was already dark when we got back.  By that time the room was ready, so we headed up to the room.  

View from the door

View from the opposite side


Work area


TV and mini-fridge

So far so good?  Well the room was pretty small.  Something we have yet to get accustomed to.  Had to remind ourselves constantly that rooms in Japan are always this size.  Aside from the room size, everything was looking good.  Well, until we saw this:

And this:

What is it?  I'm not too sure.  Dirt, probably.  Though one thing I am sure of is that it can be cleaned up and it wasn't.  The dirt remained on all 4 nights at the hotel.  Oh well.  I wouldn't have really minded had the dirt been somewhere far, but the one beside the painting was right above our bed.  Couldn't help but think we've inhaled some of it as we sleep.  Eeeew.   

So will I stay at the Sotetsu Fresa Inn Tokyo - Kyobashi again?  Probably not.  Shame really, as the location is really good.  There's a Family Mart around the corner and it's a few steps away from the subway station too.  Guess we'll have to find another place to stay at the next time we find ourselves in Tokyo.  And just in case you're curious... No, there were no Shiseido bath products.  The only Shiseido they had was the hand soap.  Guess they changed toiletries.  Boo.  2 out of 5 stars.

Sotetsu Fresa Inn Tokyo-Kyobashi is at 2-11-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0031, Japan.

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