Friday, November 30, 2012

Beauty Box: Unboxing my 1st SaladBox

These came in the mail today.  Ooh what can it be?

Saladbox!  I love the color, it's a mint version of the famous Tiffany box

A first peek...

What greeted me

The official contents of the box

What I got:

1.  Strip it!  Cold Wax Kit
2.  Sakura Foot and Heel Lotion
3.  Sakura Hand and Nail Cream
4.  Carmex Strawberry Lip Balm
5.  Alyssa Ashley White Musk Perfume
6.  Crescens Php1000 Gift Certificate
7.  Strip It!  20% Discount Coupon
8.  Wishtrend US$5 Discount Coupon

Now, on to my personal opinion.  What do I think of the November Saladbox?  To be honest, I wasn't impressed.  The only thing I liked was the Carmex lip balm and it tasted/smelled funky when I tried it on. Not sure if that's really how it's supposed to smell and taste, since it's my first Carmex balm.  I even felt a stinging sensation so I immediately wiped it off.  Guess Carmex isn't for me :(  For Php500/box, I sort of expected more.  I definitely hope the creators of Saladbox will improve on their products.  The competition is fierce, beauty box companies are slowly popping up one by one so they might get left behind.  

The month of November is almost over!  That means most of you gals who subscribed to your monthly beauty boxes have already received yours.  Which one did you subscribe to?  And for gals who subscribed to multiple beauty boxes like me, which one did you like best?  Let me know!  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Beauty Box: Unboxing my 1st BDJ Box

The November BDJ Box arrived two weeks ago.  I'll apologize for the late post, have been running around like a crazy headless chicken lately so now is the only time I get to do a review for it.  Oops!  Anyway, here it is!

A sneak peak with a welcome note:

What's inside:

Official contents of the November BDJ Box:

...and what's this?  BDJ Box offers a free sample of the Benefit's The Porefessional for my 3-month subscription.  Yay!

What I got:

1.  Syoss Repair Therapy Shampoo
2.  Syoss Repair Therapy Conditioner
3.  L'Oreal Total Repair Daily Repairing Treatment
4.  Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action Scrub
5.  Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Toner
6.  L'Oreal Revitalift Intensive Night Repair Essence
7.  L'Oreal Skin Luminating BB Cream
8.  Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua Perfume
9.  8 sachets of Garnier Light Moisturizing Cream
Bonus:  Benefit The Porefessional

The verdict for the November BDJ Box?  I like it!  The brands included in this month's box are well-known established brands.  They surely did not scrimp on the contents! And for Php480/month, it's such a steal!  Haven't used the products yet though so I can't give a review when it comes to effectivity, I'll try to do another post after using.  

Like it?  Subscribe to your own BDJ Box here!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New Loot: Steve Madden Hilight Wedge Sneakers

What do Anne Hathaway, Alicia Keys, Kate Bosworth, Dakota Fanning, Miranda Kerr, Beyonce, Hilary Duff and Gisele Bundchen have in common?  Aside from the fact that they're famous personalities, they have one more thing in common:  Isabel Marant.  

Who here has heard of Isabel Marant?  And what pops into your mind when you hear her name?  Wedge Sneakers.  Isabel Marant was the first designer to pioneer the high-top wedge sneaker trend a few years ago.  

Unlike other sneakers that possess a sporty look, these sneaker-wedges are very versatile.  It can be worn either tucked into skinny jeans, leggings or tights, or it can be paired alone with skirts or shorts.  

Let's face it, trends are mostly brought about by famous celebrities/models/personalities.  Whatever you see them wearing, you want it for yourself.  I'm going to be honest here and say I'm one of those people who follow celebrities and follow what they wear/buy.  But of course, I do believe in having your own style.  I only follow trends when they work for me.  Never succumb into getting something that's not "you" for the sake of being "in".  Or else you'll end up uncomfortable and trust me, it'll show.  

Having said all that, I racked my brain if I've seen Isabel Marants here in the Philippines and the answer was no.  The next best thing would be online.  So I tried my very best to find it online, but sadly, they're all sold out.  The nearest store would be in HongKong, and we're not scheduled to fly there until early next year.  BOO.  Yes, I have zero patience and I need it now, now, now.  What's a girl to do?  Search for other brands that's similar in design.  Copies, if you must say.  These wedge sneakers are so famous that they sparked a copying frenzy from brands like Target to Steve Madden.  

If you don't want to spend an arm and a leg (think US $600-700++), there are several options online.  I was lucky enough to track down a pair at our local Steve Madden store.  They don't come cheap either, it usually retails at US$150 (PHP 6,165.00) online, but it's selling at US$242 (PHP 9,950.00) here.  I was hesitant at first because of the high markup but heck, it's already in front of me.  Plus, I'm afraid I might regret it if I don't buy it.  So say hello to a poorer me.  Poor but happy.  And that's what matters, right?  Yay!

Say hello to my brand spanking new Steve Madden Hilight Wedge Sneakers in black!  They only come in two colors in the local store, the other one is a mix of silver and cream suede.  I figured I might get better mileage out of the black ones so that's what I got.  Also, cream colored suede + me = disaster!

Steven Madden Hilight sneakers is available online here or you can pick yours up at the local Steve Madden stores in Greenbelt 5 or Shangri-La Plaza.   

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Outfit of the Week: Tough Girl

I'm trying out a whole new look.  It's all about experimenting.  Have always been envious of girls who can flawlessly pull off the tough girl look so I wanted to try to create my own tough girl look.  I paired the oversized white bird print tee with simple black leggings and the ultimate boots:  Doc Martens.  Was sooo happy when I chanced upon this pair, on sale in Sogo HongKong for 700+ HKD!  That's a steal considering the fact that it's normally selling way over 1000 HKD.  Another bonus:  I know it's not very visible from the photo, but these Docs come in a fantastic crocodile print.  Woot! (happy dance)

To cap off the whole look, I brought out the Alexander Wang Mini Rocco Duffel.  How else can you say tough girl than with a bag that has a studded bottom?  When Alexander Wang first came out with the Rocco bag, I was hesitant on getting one because of the weight.  It's heavy!  But on a trip to HongKong a few months ago, this baby showed up in Lane Crawford!  It's a bit smaller and much lighter than the original version, so it left me no choice but to go in for the kill. (LOL).

Lots of people were surprised when they saw this look (hello, Mom and Dad).  But what the heck, I say live for the moment!   So here's two photos,  with one channeling my inner tough girl (or at least that how I think I looked like, haha!).  Did I pull it off?  Sound off at the comments section please!  Add your own tips and tricks too on how you interpret your own tough girl style.  I'll be waiting!

Top:  Bleach Catastrophe x Heather Miss Grey
Leggings:  Old Navy
Bag:  Alexander Wang
Shoes:  Doc Martens

Friday, November 23, 2012

Yomenya Goemon Japanese Spaghetti House

Call me ignorant, but I've never associated Japanese food with spaghetti.  For me, Italian=spaghetti and Japanese=ramen.  So naturally, when I heard about Yomenya Goemon, curiosity got the best of me.  How would it fare compared to the Italians?  Would it have the same al dente doneness? What kind of spaghetti would they serve?  Would it taste weird?  There's no other way of knowing the answers till I try it out myself.  Good thing the opportunity presented itself 2 weeks ago, on a Saturday night.  Hubby, Brother, bestfriend JC and I were scheduled to watch "Wreck It Ralph" (which is an awesome moview btw) in Greenbelt 3 and we wanted to eat somewhere near.  Yomenya Goemon was the perfect choice. 

 A little background on Yomenya Goemon printed on the menu

Mixed Pizza 

Soft and chewy.  The ingredients are also very fresh.  This is good pizza.

Shrimp, Bacon, Onsen Egg 

Hubby got this.  He liked it well enough.  I myself am not much of a fan of red sauce, so it was just ok for me.

Carbonara Meat Sauce with Onsen Egg 

This is what I had.  It's white sauce mixed with a little red meat sauce.  Mix it up and what you get is an explosion of flavors in your mouth.  Kinda like east meets west.  And the egg is simply divine.  Ok, I might be a little biased there, because I love anything and everything egg.

Hokkaido Cheese Cream Soup 

Brother went for this.  What makes Italian spaghetti houses different from Yomenya Goemon is that they serve a number of soup based spaghettis.  And how does it taste?  Oh so yummy.  It was a perfect fusion of flavors, with a delightful creamy aftertaste.  I would have happily drained the soup had it not been Brother's.  

Clam Chowder Soup Spaghetti 

This is JC's bowl.  They surely did not scrimp on the clams, as you can see in the photo above.  It was ok but there's something lacking in the flavor, at least for me.

A selection of their dishes displayed outside to tempt you to enter

Overall Yomenya Goemon passed with flying colors.  Even better than other Italian places, I think.  We all left with happy tummies.  The only complaint?  It took a while before Brother's order arrive.  We almost didn't make it on time for the movie.  Luckily he's a fast eater. Glutton like me.  LOL.

Yomenya Goemon is at 2/F, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Beauty Box: Unboxing My 1st GlamourBox

Look what arrived in the mail!  My first ever beauty box!  Confession:  I've never heard of beauty boxes (not even famous ones from the States like Birchbox!) until I saw a post from Manila Fashion Observer.  Shows how much of a non-beauty junkie I am.  I got intrigued by this new-to-me concept so I went on to subscribe to my first kit.  For those who are not familiar with the concept of beauty boxes, this is how it works:  all you have to do it subscribe to the site, fill in your details, choose which option you want (beauty boxes are delivered on a once-a-month basis, with options of automatic renewable subscription or you can do a one-time subscription basis), then wait for your beauty box.  Simple as that!  You get sample sizes from the featured brand of the month and they never tell you what you're going to get so the fun is in the waiting and the surprise that awaits you when you open your box.  

This is what arrived for the month of November:
Oooh.  Nice box.  Simple and elegant.  The box is also very sturdy, and can be used for other essentials in the future.

The welcome note.  At the back is list of the items that are included in the box, indicating the full size versions and their corresponding prices.

A first peek of the contents inside the box.

Official contents of the box.

What I got:
1.  Bvlgari Man perfume for men
2.  Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste perfume for women
3.  Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua perfume for women
4.  Burberry Sport perfume for men
5.  Ofra lip gloss palette
6.  Yves Rocher triple action anti-cellulite concentrate
7.  Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Night Cream
8.  Eye of Horus natural mascara
9.  Yves Rocher Php200 gift card

What do I think of my November Glamourbox?  I'm still on the fence about it.  The Shiseido cream definitely makes it worth its price.  The other brands are unfamiliar to me so I have yet to test it out if it works for me.  Will do an update once I've tried everything.

How about you?  Did you subscribe to any of the beauty boxes?  How did you like them?  Sound off at the comments section and let me know! 

Glamourbox costs Php 595/month.  For more information, visit their site at

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wildflour Cafe + Bakery

Last night was overwhelming/tiring/hot.  After coming from the Miss Earth Ambassador's Night held at the Best Western F1 Hotel, we were on a hunt for some quick but light grub since we already had a few small bites at the event.  Being the foodie (or glutton, call me what you want) in the family, I'm always tasked to decide on where to eat.  Last night was no exception, and my mind traveled north to south, east to west, thinking of where to eat in the Fort area when a lightbulb popped into my head.  Wildflour.  Hubby and I have actually already tried out this place a few weeks ago, and save for the phenomenal Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie, the other things we ordered (baked escargot, croque madame) were so-so.  But why let a few so-so dishes put a dampen on the restaurant when there's so much more other things to try?  So try we did. 

I love the interior of Wildflour.  The first time we were here, I was gushing to Hubby about how chic this place is and how it reminds me of New York. 

A shot of the bar 

What we had:
Arugula Salad.  Warm bacon, vinaigrette, fried egg, parmesan. 

We ate this deconstructed.  Mom and Hubby had the arugula, Dad claimed the egg, and I feasted on the bacon bits.  It passed both Mom's discerning taste and Hubby's chef standards.

Tarte Flambes.  Caramelized Onions, Bacon, Gruyere.

This is Wildflour's version of a pizza.  Sweet caramelized onions in an ultra thin crust.  One bite of this sent me into a downward spiral.  I'm doomed.  Must. Order. This. Every. Time.

And presenting... the much raved about Peanut Butter Banana Cream Pie.
To say that this piece of pie is delicious is an understatement.  I'm always wary of creams that are too strong and headache-inducing, but this one gives you just the right amount of cream with the right hint of peanut butter that's never overpowering.  Sandwiched in between are thin slices of bananas in every bite.  The only downside?  One slice is not enough! 

Wildflour is at G/F Net Lima Bldg., 4th Ave. cor. 26th St. Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Outfit of the Week: Lazy Mullet

What to wear on a lazy weekend?  Ta-dah!  Leggings!  But to avoid looking like you just rolled out of bed, or to prevent the telltale signs of laziness, put some zing in your outfit.  How?  Printed leggings!  Veer away from the usual black leggings and do try printed ones for a new look.  And did you notice the top?  It's short in front and longer at the back, hence, mullet!  A simple tweak in the design makes a lot of difference.  It makes a plain looking black top look more polished and more dressed up.  Do you like it?  How do you dress up on a lazy weekend?  Let me know!

Top:  Topshop
Leggings:  Cotton On
Bag:  Givenchy
Shoes:  Forever 21

Friday, November 16, 2012

National Digital Arts Awards: Fast Forward Pilipinas

Yesterday marked the first day of the Outdoor Advertising Association of the Philippines' (OAAP) 3-day exhibit at the SMX Convention Center.  This is where Globaltronics Inc., the digital media leader who pioneered the LED boards popularly seen around Metro Manila, officially launched their first National Digital Arts Awards.  Calling out all graphic artists, students, amateurs and professionals, this competition is for you!  Stand to win up to Php 3,000,000.00 worth of cash and prizes!  See the poster below:

This event was graced by Congresswoman Milagros "Mitos" Magsaysay, as well as beauties from the upcoming Miss Earth pageant.  

 Can you spot the difference?  Haha!

Flanked by two beauties.

Miss Korea and Miss Nepal doing their best showgirl impression :)

The Globaltronics booth at the exhibit.  

Globaltronics will be at the SMX Convention Center Hall I from November 15-17, from 10am to 7pm.  Go visit them now and be amazed by their LED boards, touch screen kiosks, and video wall.  They even have a robot! 

The National Digital Arts Awards will run until February next year.  Judging and awarding will be held on March 2013.  For more information about the contest, visit their facebook page at or go to their website at  Best of luck!


If you're from the Philippines, when you say cold refreshing dessert, chances are that the first thing that would pop into your mind will be halo-halo (literally means "mix-mix").  Halo-halo here in our country is so popular that you can find it in almost every corner; may it be an established hotel or a humble restaurant, serving their own interpretation of the famous dessert.  I think it's safe to say that I've tried countless halo-halos enough to call myself a groupie(?). LOL.  So why this post?  Because I think I may have found "the one".  Oh I'm not referring to a significant other (already found him years ago) but rather, the one perfect halo-halo (at least for me!).  One word:  Icebergs.  This is one dessert that made Icebergs what it is today.  People who have tried it would have to agree with me that Icebergs' version of it is simple superb.  Why?  Let me get down to the details:

a.  The quality of the ice.  Icebergs' ice are smooth and melts in your mouth.  I've tried bad ones with "rocky" ice and nobody wants that.  

b.  The ingredients.  What I got was the super halo halo.  There are 12 different ingredients in an Icebergs halo halo, topped with 2 scoops of ice cream.  All of them fresh and yummy.  One thing though:  if you're a huge fan of beans, they do not include this particular ingredient.

c.  The size.  While other establishments scrimp on their ingredients, I'm happy to report that icebergs does not.  See picture above.  From the size of it, it's good for two!

d.  The price.  The super halo halo is priced at Php 108 (USD 2.63)!  Really??  Yes!! And you get all this! 

Posting about this made me hungry.  Warning:  Please do not bother me when you see me in Icebergs eating my halo-halo.  I bite.  LOL.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Circles at Makati Shangri-La Hotel

After a stressful week,what do you usually do to unwind?  For me, I shop, eat, or both.  This week, we treated ourselves to a dinner buffet at Circles Makati Shangri-La Hotel.  Some of you might be very familiar with Circles, but in case you aren't, you're in for a treat!  They offer a wide array of choices from appetizers (cheeses, salads, sushis and sashimis) to main courses (carving station, dimsum, roasts, shawarma, pastas...) and lip-smacking desserts - all of these without sacrificing quality.  I must say that Circles rank as one of my top go-to hotel restaurants in our country.

My first plate:
We were a bit late for dinner so the hunger got the best of me.  I forgot all about the appetizers and went straight for the main course.   Meats galore! 

Second plate:
 I call this my Chinese plate with dash of Italian :)

Lamb Shoulder 


Did you notice anything special in my first plate?  If not, then I must confess:  there is one big reason why we chose to dine in Circles that night.  The reason is this:
Unlimited Foie Gras!!!!!!!  Aaaaah!!!  How can you resist?! (Ok, some might actually not like this dish at all, but for me, this is heaven in a plate).

Another shot of the foie gras, all nicely lined up for me to eat!  Chomp, chomp, chomp!

Dessert plate.  Forgive my lack of plating abilities, I am no chef.  I'm just a glutton.  LOL.

Foie gras and oysters buffet is available every dinner for the whole month of November only.  What are you waiting for?  Wipe off that drool and head on to Circles now and experience the buffet for yourself!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Lusting After: Topman Shirts

I'm hooked!  After raving about the Topman shirt in my post yesterday, I searched the Topman site for more.  Here are some great ones I wouldn't mind having:

Red Abstract Print Shirt

Orange Shirt with All Over Print Detail

Red Gazelle Print Shirt

Blue Leopard Shirt

I love the fact that these prints do not look manly at all.  Perfect for us girls who wouldn't mind wearing guy shirts.  Throw it on for an effortless casual-meets-preppy style.  Love love love!


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Outfit of the Week: Feeling Foxy

Close friends will probably tell you that I'm one of those people who are extremely into fashion.  My family, on the other hand, will probably tell you that I'm a fashion addict and badly need rehab.  Oh well.  I guess there's no denying it, I live and breathe fashion.  But being stuck in the corporate world, wearing something fashionable into the office just does not make sense.  Enter Saturday: the one day of the week that I can wear whatever and just be me.  This marks the start of my once-a-week fashion post, and for this week, I'm calling it feeling foxy.  Why?  Because of the fox print in my shirt, of course! 

Outfit details:
Top: Topman
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Red Herring from Debenhams
Bag: Givenchy

Topman and not Topshop, you ask?  Why yes!  I've learned that dressing up is limitless.  Peek into my closet and you'll know.  I have guy clothes, as well as those great finds from the teen section of different department stores.  As long as it looks good, why not?  Right?  I've been searching for that perfect button down, and was drawn to the print when it peeked out from the racks.  Now we all know that guys have broader shoulders than us girls so the usual problem with girls wearing guys' shirts is that the shoulder part will be a dead giveaway.  But not this one.  The shoulder fits just right! And the best part of this Topman shirt?  I got it at 50% off at our local Topman store!


Off to raid other Topman stores for more awesome finds.  See you!