Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ramen Daisho

Who's familiar with Ukkokei Ramen Ron?  Fans of the famous pre-ramen craze ramen joint will be happy to know that there's another Ukkokei ramen contender called Ramen Daisho.  Apparently, it is rumored that Ramen Daisho has bought the same broth recipe as Ukkokei Ramen Ron.  I know some of you will hate me for this, but I was never a fan of Ukkokei.  Hubby and I both find their ramen overhyped.  Ok, now you can hate both of us.  LOL.  

One random weeknight, Mom was craving for ramen,  Her friend told her that a new ramen place opened in Shaw Blvd. and it was better than Ramen Nagi!  Call me impressed with the fact that my mom now has foodie news!  BUT, BETTER than Ramen Nagi?  Now this I'll have to try for myself.  So off we went to Ramen Daisho to try out the latest ramen joint.

I've heard from friends on my Facebook/Instagram feeds that Ramen Daisho can get full early on, so Mom and I arrived early.  Hmm.. probably too early since there were only about two other tables when we got there.  Hey, better early than late!  Right? 

Here's what we had:
Pan-fried dumplings made from seasoned cabbage, chives and pork,  Wrapped w/ special dough made from sticky rice and flour

This one is a no-brainer.  Nice chewy outside with moist, fragrant filling.  I like it!

Shio Chashu-Men

Hakata style straight noodles in rich, milky, pork-bone broth soup

Mom and I happened to order the same thing!  They weren't kidding when they say that the broth was milky - it really is.  The thing is, I was hoping for a more tonkotsu flavor, which I found lacking in Ramen Daisho's Shio Chasu-Men.


As you can see, the egg failed the "eye test".  I was expecting it to look runny, and not borderline hard boiled.  How about the taste test?  Failed it too.  It tasted like one of those eggs that I can cook at home.  No marinated taste whatsoever.

So, the verdict?  Mom loved Ramen Daisho because she finds their ramen less oily that Ramen Nagi's.  I, on the other hand, although I find Ramen Daisho's ramen pretty good, I'm still a loyal fan of Ramen Nagi.  Somehow not one ramen restaurant is able to replicate their rich tonkotsu broth, and till that day comes, my vote is still for Ramen Nagi.  3.5 out of 5 stars!

Ramen Daisho is at Unit 2, Sunshine Square, Liberty Center, 312 Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Osaka Ohsho

The last time I went to SM Megamall was a few weeks ago, when the Fashion Hall newly opened.  Osaka Ohsho was one of the restaurants I vowed to try the next time I set foot in Megamall, and last Saturday, I returned to SM Megamall with a purpose:  to eat in Osaka Ohsho.  You know gluttons, they keep their food promises very well.  *wink*

History of Osaka Ohsho
Countries where Osaka Ohsho has opened
World's #1 gyoza.  That sentence alone is enough to convince me to try out every single gyoza flavor they have.  Good thing they only have three!  But first, let me show you the other dishes we had that night: 

Tonpeiyaki with Pork and Cheese

If you know my love for eggs, then you'd know that as long as there's an egg dish in the menu, I'd order it.  The server described this is an omelette-like dish, with cheese and pork inside.  True enough, there's pork strips inside, but I couldn't taste even a hint of cheese.  The egg was also a tad overcooked.  I would've loved it had it been cooked just right.

Crab Cream Croquette

Ok now this is a major fail.  As with my love for eggs, I am also a sucker for cream croquettes.  But this was just too oily and the crab inside tastes too fishy.  Like spoiled seafood.  Eeew.  Barf-inducing.

Black Vinegar Chicken
Among the dishes, this was the winner of the night.  Though it may be a bit too sweet, there was a nice non-overpowering vinegar taste to it.  Plus, the chicken pieces were really soft and juicy.  

Special Fuwatoro Tenshin Han

Again, my love for egg.  When I saw the photo in the menu, I couldn't resist.  BUT, we didn't expect what was served.  Scroll down:
Spot the difference:  menu photo vs. actual photo

Yep, I don't think it could look more different than that.  Talk about false advertising.  I really hope restaurants show actual photos of their food and not some over-glamorized versions of it.  Some people order based on the photos, and to be served something that does not look like the menu photo at all, that's quite a disappointment.  Side note:  although the egg was pretty soft and fluffy, there's nothing special with this dish.  If you're familiar with the omurice (rice wrapped in egg) served in foodcourts/fastfood restaurants, then this is it. (the expensive version, that is!)

Visibly disappointed with their other offerings, I was looking forward to tasting the "World's #1 gyoza".  Did it live up to the hype?  Let's see.
Original Gyoza

Innards of the Original Gyoza
Meh.  For me, it tasted... boring.  To be named "World's #1 gyoza", I was expecting an explosion of greatness in my mouth.  But this did nothing for me.

Cheese Gyoza

Innards of the Cheese Gyoza
Unlike the tonpeiyaki, this time, the cheese was very evident in their gyoza.  It's the first time I tasted a cheese flavored gyoza, and I must say, not bad.  Not bad at all. 

Nori Gyoza

Innards of the Nori Gyoza
Now this one was just too much.  The nori taste was too overpowering that I couldn't taste the meat at all.

A few observations:
a.  Seating method sucks.  Yes, sorry to say, but it really does.  We arrived at 6:15PM, and were told that we're the 7th on their waitlist.  We took a peek inside and the restaurant was half empty.  Reservations attendant claimed that those were "reserved for 7PM".  We, together with a couple other grumbling customers, had to wait for an hour before we got seated.  If only they let us eat at 6:15PM, then we would've been long gone by 7PM.  Also, when one table leaves, that's the time they call up the next in line who could have been on the other side of the mall.  It would probably take them 10-20 minutes to get to the restaurant, and by the time they arrive, there's already a lot of time lost.  Why take reservations on a busy weekend?  We actually did complain about their system, and their answer?  "It's what the management told us."  Sheesh.
b.  Even the manager is not familiar with their dishes.  He laid down what he claimed was nori gyoza, while another server laid down another plate of nori gyoza.  He had the other plate sent back, but it turns out that his plate was the wrong one.

So how was it?  Sadly, it was not Ohsho good.  Osaka Ohsho failed to impress me.  Truth be told, I've had far better gyozas in other Japanese restaurants which do not even claim that they're the best.  Though their gyozas were not dry, it also was not juicy enough to impress.  Service, as mentioned above, was disappointing, to say the least.  1 out of 5 stars.

Osaka Ohsho is at 3/F SM Megamall, Fashion Hall, Julia Vargas Ave., Wack Wack, Mandaluyong

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Outfit of the Week: Black with an Accent

I dressed up this outfit around the necklace.  There.  I said it.  Is it obvious?  Haha.  Well, the moment I laid eyes on this particular piece, I knew I wanted to wear an all black outfit to fully accent the necklace.  It's far too pretty to get lost amidst a floral ensemble, don't you think so?  Luckily, I found this Mango dress during the sale.  Add a simple black bag and a pair of black peep toes, and we're good to go!  Whatcha think?  Yay or nay?

Dress:  Mango
Bag:  Chanel
Shoes:  Sam Edelman
Necklace:  Ever New

Friday, February 21, 2014

SM Megamall's Fashion Hall - Now Open!

Last January 28, 2014, SM Megamall's Fashion Hall officially opened their doors to the public.  Even before they opened, there's already much hype about the latest wing in SM Megamall because of the rumored up and coming stores that are set to open there.  I was actually there two weeks ago to check it out, and just for you guys, I did a complete browse through of the entire fashion hall, twice!  Curious?  Scroll down to see the photos!

Look!  They reopened their skating rink!  There's also a new IMAX Theater and bowling alley!

Fashion Boutiques Opening Soon:

And last but not the least, opening this fall is the much talked about H&M.  All THREE floors of it.  Read my lips:  THREE FLOORS.  Finally!  I have been waiting for them to come to our shores for yearsssss!  Thank you, fashion gods for hearing me!

Fashion Boutiques Now Open:

Beauty Stores Now Open:

Restaurants Opening Soon:

Let's start with another much hyped about brand, shall we?  Tim Ho Wan.  Remember this post?  Well, now you can taste the goodness of this Michelin-starred restaurant without getting on a plane!  I can practically taste it now... BBQ pork buns, come to momma!

Restaurants Now Open:

*Osaka Ohsho has yet to open two weeks ago.  Happy to announce that they've already opened since!  You can now savor the goodness of their much raved about gyoza!  Excited much?  I know I am.

Another store that's about to open in the Mega Fashion Hall is the famed home store, Crate and Barrel.  Those who are not familiar, I only have 6 words:  everything you need for the house.  Tick tock, tick tock.  Gah!  I can't wait!

The new Mega Fashion Hall is located at SM Megamall, EDSA corner J. Vargas Avenue, Mandaluyong City.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Macau Eats: Bambu Asian Feast

Hours before the House of Dancing Water show started, Hubby and I were already looking for a place to have dinner.  We initially planned on eating at the Grand Lisboa's Grand Buffet, but surprise, surprise!  When we got there, we were told that the Grand Buffet has already closed down!  Booooo!!!  We were at a loss!  So on a last minute scramble to find somewhere to dine in, we passed by Bambu Asian Feast and judging from the line outside, it looked pretty promising.  (Yes, I know.  We're suckers for long lines!)  Curious about the food?  Here they are!

Salad Bar

Cold Seafood

Sushi Bar

Cold Appetizers

Carving Station



Rice/Pork Bun/Chicken Fillet

Main Dishes

Some more main dishes



More desserts


Ice Cream

Hubby's Cold Plate

My Plate #1

My Plate #2

My bowl of noodle soup

Dessert Plate #1

Dessert Plate #2

Fruits to combat all the illegal stuff I consumed.  LOL.

So how was it?  Well if you're a huge cold seafood eater, then you're in for a treat! (see Hubby's cold plate photo)  Snails, clams, lobsters, shrimps... happy tummy guaranteed.  But since I'm not much of a cold seafood fan, I had to look for other things they have to offer.  It's a good thing that all their other dishes were pretty good too!  Even the desserts!  As you can guess it, we stuffed ourselves to the brim.  Will definitely be back the next time we visit Macau!  4 out of 5 stars!

Bambu Asian Feast is at The Venetian Macau Hotel, Cotai Strip, Macau.

So that's it.  This ends my Hong Kong/Macau travel posts, at least for now!  Hope you guys enjoyed!