Friday, December 4, 2015

Online Shopping in the Philippines


So... Black Friday and Cyber Monday just went by.  Have any of you managed to score some great deals during these once-a-year ultimate sale extravaganza?  If you live in the States, then lucky you!  As for us in the Philippines, sad to say that not all retail merchants have participated in the said event.  Blame it on the lack of Thanksgiving holiday here.  LOL.  Kidding aside, even if we don't get to enjoy that much perks here, I can say that things have definitely shaped up for us in the past few years.  Case in point?  The existence of online shopping sites like Zalora and Lazada.  Admit it, these are the top two brands that pop up in your mind when you put Philippines and Online Shopping together in a sentence.  I've bought from both.  But being a crazy-for-fashion girl, I always find myself clicking through Zalora every chance I get.  So much fashion choices!  And not only that, they also have your favorite brands up on their site.  An example?  I totally love the Mango collection at ZALORA.   They probably have almost everything a girl (and boy!) needs, sartorial-wise.  Much, much better than going to the mall, if you ask me.  Heck, you won't even have to fight anyone for that elusive parking slot!  

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