Monday, December 15, 2014

Hong Kong Eats: Gough 40

If you think my past two food posts about Hong Kong Eats were good, then prepare to get your mind blown with this one.  Yes, I saved the best for last!

Gough 70, tucked in the quiet part of Central, is not actually part of my food itinerary.  It just so happens that Mom's good friend Auntie EL and her husband Uncle PL knew of it, loved it, and wanted to share this gem of a restaurant with  us.  I can only be too happy when you tell me we're eating steak.  Yup, this girl loves her meat!

The outside of Gough 70
I loved how the place, with their outside seating and all, reminds me the nice, quaint restaurants in Paris.  

Garlic Bread
First up, was the garlic bread.  Auntie EL was telling us how delicious it was, and from the moment it gave me that cruuuuch sound, I knew she was right.

Sadly, raw oysters aren't my thing.  But judging from the slurps of everyone else in the table and the words "fresh" and "delicious" coming from them, I'd say they loved it.

Seared Scallops with Lemon Coriander Vinaigrette Salad
Being the vegetable-hater that I am, I ate the salad then saved the scallops for last.  The salad did nothing for me, but the scallops?  Oh.  Dear.  Possibly one of the best scallops I've had!

Blue Dungeness Crab Pasta
The Boston lobster linguine in Cafe Landmark might be the pasta love of my life, but this one comes at a close second.  So rich and so flavorful!

Panfried Fish 
The fish was cooked perfectly; it was very very moist and tender, with just the right amount of saltiness to it.

And of course, the highlight of the night:

Steak (raw)

Steak (cooked)
...and more steak!
Drooling yet?  I know I am.  How I wish I could transport myself back to the night we had these and savor that moment over and over again.  This piece of steak was huge.  Might not look much from the photos, but I think it's close to 2 kilos.  And did you notice how the insides are just the right pink without all the blood?  Perfection.  Gough 70 really know their steaks.  I don't really know how, but the steak was really, really tender, yet it wasn't oily at all!  


Apple Pie
Uncle PL loved the apple pie in Gough 70.  I got to take a forkful of it, and it's not bad.  I guess the steak somehow overshadowed everything else.

Molten Chocolate Cake
I was stuffed to the brim by the time the meal was over, but the server mentioned molten cake and I just could not pass it up!  So here it is.  'Twas good, but I've had even better ones.

So the verdict?  Do I even need to say it?  Auntie EL and Uncle PL are foodies themselves, and when they say something is good, then you bet it's good.  Everyone had a great time that night, even Dad who is not a huge fan of anything else but Chinese cuisine.  LOL.  5 out of 5 stars!  Thank you Auntie EL and Uncle PL!

Gough 40 is at G/F, 40 Gough Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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