Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tokyo Eats: Fuunji

And finally, we've come to the last part of my Tokyo series.

Ah, Fuunji.  The first time I came across this name was when I read about it online.  Hailed as Tokyo's best tsukemen, I came to see (and taste!) for myself.  But first, what exactly is tsukemen?  Tsukemen is also known as "dipping noodles".  The noodles are served cold and separate from the broth.  Directions when eating?  Grab a few strands of noodles, dip it into the broth and chomp. chomp, chomp!  Repeat as desired.

Reading about the long lines from those who have already tried it, I was ready to brave Fuunji's line just to taste authentic tsukemen.  Never mind that the whole day was spent walking and I was dead exhausted.  I needed to try out Fuunji before we bid Tokyo goodbye.  Well, the tsukemen gods must be smiling upon me because when we got the Fuunji, there was no line at all!  That, and because we were early.  LOL.

Fuunji from outside
Fuunji's ticket dispenser
As with Ichiran, Fuunji's mode of ordertaking is with a machine.  I pressed on the ¥1000 tsukemen, got my ticket, had my seat and waited for my order to be served.

A view of the open kitchen



I've had tsukemen here in Manila, but Fuunji's version is something different.  The broth was thick, creamy and rich - which was great except that it was way to salty for me, even after I dipped the noodles with as little broth as possible.  Can't deny the fact that it's really flavorful though.  If only the salt levels were turned down, this would have been perfect.  Oh well.  3 out of 5 stars.

Fuunji is at 2 Chome-14 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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