Sunday, February 8, 2015

Outfit of the Week: Boom!

Been a long while since I've posted an outfit post huh?  If you're wondering why I'm wearing such a cold-weather outfit when it's so hot here in Manila, well...  It's because this was taken in Tokyo.  Yup, another travel post!  Just got back from Tokyo last week, and did my best to finish all the Australia posts so that I could finally get on to the Tokyo ones.  Sorry, please bear with me!  

Anyway, on to the outfit!  This is me, standing right outside my hotel, sleepy as heck (hello, 5am flight!) and freezing my buns off!  Tokyo during January, as it appears, is about 2 degrees Celsius.  Brrrrrr!!!  But I'm not one to complain about the cold, since I've had enough of warm weather living in a tropical country like ours.  So freezing weather, bring it on!   

When flying, I make sure to wear something comfortable.  It's amazing because who would've thought that faux leather joggers would be comfortable, right?  But I swear, it is!  They give you movement of PJs, yet it looks a hundred times more chic.  As for the top, have had it for more than a year now, with the Target x 3.1 Phillip Lim collaboration (love, love, love collaborations!).  Had nowhere to wear it until now.  I was only too happy to break it out of the closet.  Can you tell I'm in love with winter?  LOL!  Do look forward to a couple more cold-weather outfit posts!  xoxo

Top:  3.1 Phillip Lim for Target
Pants:  H&M
Bag:  Givenchy
Shoes:  Sperry Top-Sider

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