Friday, June 14, 2013

Romulo Cafe

Last weekend, the family had a visitor from China.  We wanted to let her try Filipino dishes, but wanted something not so casual either.  My mom remembered having a good meal at Romulo Cafe some years before, so we decided to have our lunch there.  It's been quite some time (read: years) since we ate in Romulo Cafe, hence, we forgot about all the dishes that were good there.  So whatever we read or saw that looked appetizing, we ordered it!  LOL.  

Here's what we had:

Boneless Crispy Pata
The skin was crispy but the meat was a bit tough.

Prawns in Aligue Sauce
No aligue taste at all.  And the prawns tasted like the frozen kind.

Flying Tilapia with 3 sauces
Quite tender, and I loved the presentation!

Seafood Kare-Kare
Not bad, but nothing special either.  It could use a bit more peanut.

Bagoong Rice
Again, could use a bit more bagoong.

Stuffed Crab Shell with Coconut Meat
The dish itself was interesting enough, but it was salty. Really salty.

Tinolang Manok
Also on the salty side.

Pancit Puti
Didn't like this one at all.  It was dry and although I know it's meant to have no sauce at all, it feels like something is lacking. (yes, the sauce!)

Suman Latik
Quite good; crunchy outer layer with soft, chewy insides.  Mixing it with the coco jam is pure genius.

Pineapple Turon
The pineapple was juicy, but since I'm old school, I prefer banana turon over the pineapple ones.

Buko Pandan
Meh.  This was bad.  My friend could make better buko pandan than Romulo's version, and free too!  So why pay for bad ones?  Do NOT try it.  

Again, it's been some years since we ate in Romulo Cafe and we didn't expect that things have gone downhill since then.  There was not one memorable dish.  Everything is just so-so or really salty.  1 out of 5 stars.  One more thing, I remembered them having an awesome chocolate dessert before, but when I asked for it, the server said that they already took it off the list.  Why oh why?!

Romulo Cafe is at 32 Sct. Tuason St. (cor. Sct. Lazcano St.) Quezon City


  1. Hi. May i ask kung kailangan pa po ba ng reservations or pwede mag walk in sa romulos cafe? Thanks!


    1. Hi DJ! We reserved that day kasi Sunday, medyo madaming tao. Pero usually pag weekdays I think ok na ang walk-in :)

    2. Thanks! That was fast :) mukang mag kakasundo kami ng boneless crispy pata hehe. Mukang ligwak yung ibang dish sa review mo atleast I do have guidelines na. I was planning to impress my girl for our anniversary kasi kaya to do research ako ;) I guess bawi na lang sa ambience and I know she's going to like it :)

      Super thanks ulit po

  2. No problem, hope that helps! Let me know your dining experience in Romulo's :) Enjoy!