Monday, June 3, 2013

Outfit of the Week: It's That Shirtdress... Again.

Remember how much I raved about shirtdresses on this post?  Well, here's another version of it!  For a polished look, the best way to do it is to belt a shirtdress.  But there are days when you just want to wear it as is and not feel constrained.  Tip:  When choosing a shirtdress, make sure it's a bit loose.  You don't want buttons popping or your flesh showing when you sit down.  The one I have on here is waaaay loose, but that's how I like it!  What to do so that it doesn't look like you just threw on your pajamas?  Simple, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!  A simple necklace and a bracelet would surely do the trick; heck, it could even make you look party-ready!  All you have to do is work it, baby!  I have a couple more of these sitting in my closet, so do expect more of these shirtdress posts because I really, really am in love with them!

Dress:  Monki
Bag:  Chanel
Shoes:  Call it Spring
Necklace:  Una Rosa
Bracelet:  Ever New

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