Monday, January 13, 2014

Outfit of the Week: The Wizard of Oz

Remember the time when everyone was obsessed with Dorothy's ruby slippers?  Okay, maybe I don't.  Heck, I wasn't born yet!  But I've heard too much gushing as to how "this pair made me feel like Dorothy" in various articles and blog posts to know enough that the particular pair of ruby slippers has made a mark in the fashion world.  Well if Dorothy has her ruby slippers, then Miss M has her silver pumps!  When the silver pumps trend hit, I was fixated.  I've searched high and low for my very own pair, but came up with nothing.  Those I found were either too small (hello, big feet!), poorly made, too expensive, or just plain ugly.  Who knew I'd find my gem in Target?  Yup, these babies came from Target in Sydney.  At a great price too!  Don't you just love Target?  I'm hooked.  The entire store is a paradise of cheap thrills.  So whenever I'm abroad and there's a Target in that country, I'm there.  No questions asked.  And yes, I dressed up this outfit from the toe up.  Nothing fancy, just a simple outfit that can highlight my silver pair.  Hope you guys like it!  

Top:  Asos
Leggings:  Kardashian Kollection x Dorothy Perkins
Bag:  Celine
Shoes:  Hot Options (from Target)

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