Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Valentino x Havaianas

Dear Valentino, why so evil?  LOL.  I'm baaaack!  Lots of stories and blog posts to share, but first, let me get this out of the way:  the Valentino x Havaianas collaboration that sent my world into a crazy tailspin.  Fans of the brand might be familiar with their Rockstud collection.  Ever since those came out, Valentino has been enjoying quite the spotlight.  Celebrities and style bloggers alike have been wearing the bags and the shoes for a few seasons now.  Don't believe me?  Google it and you'll see.  As for me?  I can only look longingly at their rockstud ballerina flats because #1, it's an expensive shoe and #2, I tried it on once and it hurts!  Nuff said.  

Valentino Black Rockstud Heels

Valentino Black Rockstud Ballerinas
See what I mean?  Pretty huh?  But it's not for me.  So when Valentino came out with their collaboration with Havaianas, I was ecstatic!  The beauty of their rockstuds coupled with the comfort of rubber flip flops?  SOLD!  Well, at least I thought so... until price points became a problem again.  But first let me show you what I'm talking about.

Black Studded Flip Flops € 194.00

Yellow Camouflage Print Studded Flip Flops € 218.00

Hot Pink Camouflage Print Studded Flip Flops € 218.00

Light Pink Camouflage Print Studded Flip Flops € 218.00

Olive Green Camouflage Print Studded Flip Flops € 218.00

Olive Green Crocodile Flip Flops € 677.00

Black Crocodile Flip Flops € 677.00

Gah!!!  Have you seen the prices?!  Nevermind the crocodile ones, even the normal studded rubber ones are roughly around Php 13500 after conversion!  Yes.  Rubber.  Flip.  Flops.  And I still want one.  I just can't justify the price.  And even if I'm getting one, I couldn't choose which color I want either!  So, a little help here... IF I were to get a pair from among the studded ones, which one do you think I should get?  Help please!  

Valentino x Havaianas is now available online.  Get yours now at Luisa via Roma.  Happy shopping!

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