Saturday, July 19, 2014

Why I Would Never Order from '' Again. Ever.

Last Saturday night, I ordered from Chowking's delivery website for the first time.  The order went smoothly, and by 8:26PM, I received the order confirmation through email.  (see below)

After more than 30 minutes, Chowking's customer service agent called me up, only to tell me that my orders were NOT processed. When I reprimanded her about why she called only after 30 minutes, she even countered that it was barely 30 minutes since I ordered.  I am very sure of the time because I took note of it when the order was placed.  It was already past 9PM when she called.  Even said that the reason why they weren't able to call was because of the bulk of orders.  Is that supposed to be MY problem?  Furthermore, she tells me that the reason why my orders were not processed was because the minimum amount for delivery was Php500, since the order will come from the Mandaluyong branch. She says the order minimum was really Php200, but since it will be all the way from Mandaluyong, the minimum has increased to Php500.  Huh??  I asked her how come the order will come all the way from Mandaluyong, when in fact the delivery address I provided was in San Juan?  She claims that the nearest branch would be Mandaluyong.  What?  Is there no Chowking store in the entire San Juan area?!  I even gave out a couple of branches in San Juan, since she, as customer service, seem to not know where the existing branches are.  She put me on hold, then came back to tell me that the branch was closed because it was already 9PM. I placed my order 30 mins ago.  If the order was processed by that time, then the stores wouldn't have been closed, would it?  Also remember that she claims that I ordered barely 30 minutes ago? So why were the stores closed then if I received my order confirmation at 8:26PM and it was barely 30 minutes?  In the end, all they customer service agent can say is "pasensya na".  How on earth will I make pasensya if everything was their fault, and I, the customer, is on the losing end due to their negligence?  After the conversation was over, I went to check my email and there was a delivery confirmation saying that my order was already on the way (see screenshot below).  This was sent at 8:49PM, more than 10 minutes before the agent called.  The order never arrived. 

So this is my question: Is this how a reputable fast food giant is supposed to treat their customers?  Simply put, if they cannot fulfill an order, then I suggest that they NEVER make a delivery website in the very first place. Such a disappointment.  And yes, I stand my ground when I say I will never order from their website again.

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