Monday, July 7, 2014

Outfit of the Week: Ladylike

Back from a week long hiatus.  Sorry!  Last week has been quite a busy one.  Went to Hong Kong (again!) and came back just in time to celebrate my milestone birthday!  Guess I'm no longer as young as I'd like, but hey, there's more to life than just a number, right?  Anyway, for my birthday, this is what I wore.  I've had the skirt forever, but wearing it out for a none-event would be too dressy, so it's a good thing I remembered it as I was planning for my birthday outfit.  Call me vain and all, but I believe birthdays are special and it's the one single day in the whole year where you can be a princess or a queen (yup, this old gal still believes in fairytales!)  So to be a princess, one must dress like one.  I'm not saying that the outfit should look princessy, but it should at least make you feel like one.  And for me, this is my princess outfit.  Love the old world glamour that the skirt exudes.  It's proper, yet it doesn't make you feel like you're wearing your old aunt's clothes.  LOL!  But seriously, if I could wear this everyday, I would.  In fact, I still have a couple of midi skirts in my closet that have yet to see the light of the day.  Hmm.. maybe I'll wear them out one day, just because.  :) 

Top:  Details
Skirt:  Sabrina
Clutch:  YSL
Shoes:  Bakers

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