Friday, July 25, 2014

Boqueria Restaurante Chocolateria

Ever since its opening, SM Megamall's Fashion Hall boasts a number of restaurants exclusively available in their mall (as of writing).  One of them is Boqueria Restaurante Chocolateria.  My friend DQ and I found ourselves in Megamall one night and decided to go for someplace new.  Spanish has never actually been one of our go-to restaurants, but the Boqueria seemed interesting enough from the outside so we decided to give it a go.  Here's what we had:

Albondigas con Foie Gras (Foie Gras Meatballs)
Yum!  I can really taste the foie gras inside each and every meatball! 

Chicharrones (Crispy pork belly with red wine reduction and white wine vinaigrette)
We had this sent back the first time around because the skin was not crispy at all.  When it came back, it was crrruuuunchyyy to the nth level!

Lengua Estofada (Slow cooked ox tongue in special sauce)
Meh.  Didn't do anything for me.

Callos (Ox tripe with Spanish chorizo, garbanzos and bell peppers)
A little bit on the salty side.  Had better ones in other Spanish restaurants.

Churros with Milk Chocolate
Now this, was good.  It sent me back to my childhood Dulcinea days wherein I'd go grab a quick bite with my mom during summer afternoons.  Love that the milk chocolate taste was full-on too, no shortcuts here.

All in all, I could say that Boqueria Restaurante Chocolateria is pretty good.  We weren't impressed with all the dishes, but there was not one dish that had a failed mark.  Well, at least according to my standards.  LOL.  3.5 out of 5 stars!

Boqueria Restaurante Chocolateria is at 3/F SM Megamall, Fashion Hall , Julia Vargas Ave., Wack Wack, Mandaluyong

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