Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Marie France's iLipo and Physique Treatment

Call me old fashioned, but I've always believed that to be able to achieve something, you must work hard for it.  No cutting corners, no shortcuts.  So I've never been a believer of those slimming centers that promise you a great body after xx number of treatments.  It sounds too good to be true!  Well, fate must have sensed my hesitation because I joined a contest via another blog and won one free iLipo treatment at Marie France! 

So what's the iLipo?  Contrary to its name, the iLipo is not liposuction.  It's a non-invasive treatment using low-level laser energy to target all the unwanted fat in specific areas of the body.

The room

iLipo machine
What happens during an iLipo session?  Before anything, you are measured so that you'll be able to have a basis for comparison afterwards.  After that, squarish pads are placed on the target area, then secure with velcro straps. You are given safety goggles to wear, then you're set to go!  

The treatment comes in two parts.  First, red laser light emits from the electronic pads.  Don't worry, these are non-harmful lasers, and it does not hurt one bit.  The only sensation you'll feel is a bit of warmth, that's it!  And for the second part, a suction-like device is applied to the target area.  It will be rolled along the area, which will be a bit painful. The sucking sensation combined with the rolling feels like someone's pulling on your skin.  Again, don't worry, because the pain is minimal and tolerable.  After that, you're done! 

Aside from the iLipo, I also had the chance to try out their Physique machine.

Physique machine

So what's Physique, you ask? Do you see those circular white pads?  Those are placed on different parts of your body (arms, buttocks, legs and tummy) and secured with velcro ties.  What the machine does is that it emits different levels of vibration which helps tone up your body.  You will feel a bit sweaty afterwards.  

So... were the treatments able to change my mind towards slimming machines?  Well, I can't say much because I've only undergone one treatment, and results are not really visible on the first treatment.  According to the  consultant, I lost 1cm on my arms after the iLipo treatment.  Truth be told, I'm not very impressed with the results.  For someone who has gone through numerous diets her entire life, 1cm was way too small.  I once went on a self-challenge and was able to lose 20lbs. in one month.  So for me, the way to go would still be good old fashioned diet and exercise. But that's just me.  As I always say, you'd have to try something at least once to see for yourself :)  

Marie France is at 36/F, Robinsons Equitable Tower, Poveda St. cor. ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

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