Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Pink Egg Episodes' Cheat Day Burger Rerun!

Over a month ago, Pink Egg Episodes hosted their very first Cheat Day Burger event.  I wanted to go so badly, but because I was flying out to Hong Kong that very same day, I simply can't.  What a bummer.  So when I saw that they had a Cheat Day Burger Rerun a few weeks later, I quickly contacted them and secured 2 slots.  After all, this was a one day event.  They only had 300 slots and I am NOT going to miss this again.  Fast forward to last Saturday, August 2, I was running late for the event and got there just in time before they finished the first part (you can choose to go either lunch or dinner, whichever you prefer).  I spotted a few of my high school friends who are responsible in running the event, and after a few quick hi's and hello's, I got my stub and was told that my burger is coming right up!  But first, here are a few photos before I get to the delicious part:

Yardstick Coffee
The Cheat Day Burger Rerun was held in Yardstick Coffee in Makati.  A great upgrade from the previous event, which was held on an empty house in Tomas Morato.  Plus points for them, since I've been wanting to try out Yardstick Coffee for the longest time! It'll be like hitting two birds in one stone, don'tcha think?

A little trivia about the Mayura wagyu
Can you believe it?  Mayura wagyu cows get the five-star treatment!  Relaxing music for a good night's sleep, Cadbury chocolates and gummy bears?!  Looks like the life I'd want to live!  Except that I don't want to get slaughtered afterwards.  LOL!

The stub
Oops.  In my hurry I forgot to take a photo of the whole stub!  This was what was left of it though...

Drinks to go with your burger!
You can choose from all these drinks!  I had the Iced White, which is basically their black coffee with milk and ice.  Will make a separate review for Yardstick, because I wanted to concentrate on the Mayura Wagyu Burger itself :)

My Mayura wagyu burger with potato chips
Ta-dah!  THIS is what we came for.  The burger itself was so pretty that half of me wanted to preserve it and just enjoy looking at it in all its glory.  And so I munched on the chips first.  LOL!

A closer look at the Mayura wagyu burger

My precioussssss...  Just look at the size of the foie gras!  If you can't tell much from the picture, it's about half an inch thick, about 3 inches long and 2 inches wide.  YES.  It's huge.  No exaggerations there.  As for the taste?  The patty was huge, tender and juicy.  Well, I would've wanted it to be a tad saltier with more beef aroma, but other than that, I have no complaints at all.  4 out of 5 stars! 

If you liked what you just saw, then I've got good news for you.  This may be a one day event, but I am told that there's more to come.  It may not exactly be a Cheat Day Burger event, but knowing these guys, I'm sure they have something even better in store for all of us!  Follow and like Pink Egg Episodes on Facebook for more information about the Cheat Day Burger and other upcoming events!

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