Thursday, May 2, 2013

Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH) 2013

Yesterday might have been Labor Day, but I did some serious labor.  Why? Because I, together with a few hundred invited Havaianaticos, went to the MYOH 2013.  For those who are not familiar with the MYOH, this is a once-a-year event in which all Havaianas fans get the chance to create their own personalized pair of Havaianas.  Not only that, each year has a different theme.  For 2013, Havaianas collaborated with the Filipino artist Dan Matutina to create the glow-in-the-dark spacemen print sole.  Cool isn't it? This is actually (just) my second time attending the MYOH but I already had an idea on how the turnout would be: jampacked!  And yes, I was right!  Our reserved timeslot was 10AM-1:30PM, and when we got there at a little bit past 10AM, the crowd had already swelled up - the line was already on the streets of Rockwell!  Whew!  The heat didn't help either, so the three of us who went decided to take turns lining up.  An hour later, we were in :)  Scroll down for all the photos!

The tent extension

Inside the tent extension.  Spot the guy giving out free Jamba Juice!

Other sponsors

The waiting room.  Check out the cool glow-in-the-dark designs!

...and the madness begins!

Awesome hot air balloon made out of what else?  Havaianas!
The Havaianas photo wall
People lining up to make their pairs

Design wheel
The 2013 pins

Choice sheet

Assembling my pair
Punching holes for the pins
 So can you guess what design I got?  Before that, let me show you the slipper bag first, because I find it so cute!
Cute slipper bag
It comes with free colored markers too!

 ...and here's my pair!  Of course I had to get the limited edition one!  I and a few hundred people!  LOL.  I think almost everyone has this pair but you know what they say, if it's limited, then everyone wants it!  I just got one though, I think I have one too many pairs and adding a few more pairs will not help my bulging shoe closet.  But my oh my, I saw several people walking around with baskets of what I think are ten pairs or more!  Can you say Havainatic? :)

My pair
Aunt's pair

Hubby's pair

Hubby surely did make use of the markers.  Check out his slipper bag!
The MYOH 2013 happens at the Rockwell Tent from May 2 (that's today!) till the 5th, and it's open to the public starting today!  Go make your own pair or pairssssssss now!

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