Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Umami Hambaagu House

The Grove by Rockwell has developed nicely over the years.  And in the past year, it has also become one of the hangouts by those in the know.  I admit that it's extremely rare that we go to The Grove, but on one random day, we paid The Grove a visit.  Why?  Because I've been hearing about Umami Hambaagu House and it got me very curious.  

Umami Hambaagu House specializes in burger steaks.  But don't confuse it with the normal burger steaks you'd find in the malls or at the fast food joints.  What's special with their burger steaks?  The secret is in the sauce.  There's just one kind of patty for the burger steak, but when applied with different sauces, you get different flavors and each one tastes unique.  Curious?  I'll let the pictures do the talking:

Cute Interiors

Cream of Corn Soup
Love their cream of corn soup.  It's very thick and flavorful.  One thing though:  it can also be very filling.

Maison du Japon (Melted Gruyere and Caramelized Onions)
Gruyere + Caramelized Onions = love.  But we didn't like the taste of the burger steak that much.  It tasted a bit... off.  Could it be that it's about to get spoiled?

Roppongi Hills (Truffle Cream)
I love anything and everything truffle, so ordering this was a no-brainer.  And I'm happy to say that the truffle scent is really evident (unlike other restaurants which serve truffle dishes with barely a hint of truffle scent). 

My whole set
The burger steaks in Umami comes in sets.  You'll get rice with a side of edamame (beans).

Crepe Cake
I actually got excited when I found out they had crepe cake.  But sadly, this was the major fail of the night.  The crepe was too thick and dry.  We had to send this back.  

Overall, I'd give Umami Hambaagu House a 3 out of 5.  I'm happy with the different choices they have, but they'd have to improve on the quality of their burger steak.  After all, the most important ingredient is the burger steak, right?

Umami Hambaagu House is at The Grove by Rockwell, C5 Ugong, Pasig.

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