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Osaka: Where and What to Eat

From my previous post, I've mentioned that Dotonbori in Osaka has a whole stretch of restaurants.  We were able to try some of them during our trip and one realization I have is that the Japanese really have a passion for food.  95% of what we ate during our short 4-day stay was delicious!  Advanced apologies though, this list is not complete, and only one of them has an English name.  But no worries, I've also taken photos of the store signages in case you guys are in Osaka and would want to try out  some of the restaurants I featured here.   


Osaka is famous for two main food items.  This is the first one:  Okonomiyaki, which is a Japanese pancake.  Before our trip to Osaka, Chibo came highly recommended by two people, so it was indeed a must-try.  Good thing too because the signage has English so it was way easier for us to find.


So how was Chibo's okonomiyaki?  Er...  truth be told, we didn't like it.  Disappointed would be the word.  We expected something soft, moist and fluffy that will send you straight to orgasmic fantasies but this one did nothing like that.  What we got was a piece of pancake that was quite dry and a bit overcooked.  Must have been a off day for the chef because my friend D who recommended Chibo couldn't believe it when I told him that it wasn't good.  He actually thought there was something wrong with my tastebuds.  LOL.  I assured him that nothing was wrong with me because two of us tried it and we both didn't like it.  As I said, off day.  Sad though because we weren't able to go back and try it once again.

The second food item which Osaka is known for would be the takoyaki.  Many of us here in the Philippines is familiar with this one because you can practically find this everywhere - from the streets, to the malls and even bazaars!  And in Osaka, there was definitely no shortage of takoyakis because the stretch of Dotonbori has 5 or more stalls selling takoyaki.  We wanted to try each one initially but our tummies wouldn't permit it, so we had to decide on one.  What made us go for this one was that the queue was much longer compared to the others.


Sadly, once again, this one failed in comparison to the better takoyakis we've had here in Manila.  I regret for not going takoyaki-hopping.  Maybe next time...

After the unsatisfying okonomiyaki and takoyaki (yes, we ate all these on the same night!), Hubby suggested we try a restaurant we passed by earlier.  We were intrigued by the black cow hanging on the side of their signage.  Upon closer inspection, it was indeed a restaurant that serves wagyu beef.  After that realization, we were inside faster than you can say "wagyu"!


Don't ask me how it was because by merely judging the marbling of the pieces served to us, it was a little piece of heaven!  Literally melt in your mouth!  The wagyu was coated with some kind of sauce (tasted like teriyaki sauce) when served, which added to the flavor of the beef.  Oishi! (means delicious in Japanese)

When in Osaka, do go for the okonomiyaki and takoyaki.  Though we did not enjoy the ones we tried, I'm not closing my doors on those two because I know there's definitely other restaurants that serve better versions of it.  And do not ever miss out on the wagyu beef!  Also strongly recommended are the sushis and surprise surprise, packed meals from 7-Eleven.  

Don't worry, my food posts are not done yet.  Among all the restaurants we've tried during our stay in Osaka, one did extremely stand out.  And boy, our palate got so spoiled with this one, things will never be the same again.  Watch out for it!

Dotonbori is at Dotonbori, Chuo-kuOsakaOsaka PrefectureJapan

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