Sunday, October 13, 2013

Outfit of the Week: Cutouts and Chains

Call it a force of habit, but one of my go-to "uniforms" is a cute top and skinny jeans.  My brother once remarked that I wear nothing but top and jeans, but I beg to differ.  There are about a billion (ok, maybe I'm a wee bit exaggerating) kinds of tops and about a hundred types of jeans.  So when you mix and match, you can always come up with a new look!  Fell in love with this top when I first saw it online.  It wasn't available locally then so I went ahead and had it shipped here in Manila.  I guess patience is virtue because a few weeks after, I saw it in our local Forever 21 stores!  So those who like my top, lucky you!  Why?   Because not only can you get it locally, but it is also available in a floral print!  

Ok going back to my outfit, when wearing plain tops, I can never stop stressing the importance of accessorizing.  The more, the merrier.  The bigger, the better!  Always remember that accessories make or break the outfit, so don't be afraid to experiment.  It's a good thing I chanced upon this huge chain necklace at Crossings just the day before - it definitely brightens up the look, don't you think?  

So how do you like my outfit?  Would love to hear your thoughts.  Sound off at the comments section please! :)

Top:  Forever 21
Pants:  Forever 21
Shoes:  Call It Spring
Bag:  Givenchy
Necklace:  Crossings

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