Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sydney Eats: Charlie & Co. Burgers

Over the whole week we were in Sydney, we had food court food four times.  And out of those four times, only one was worth mentioning.  I present to you... Charlie & Co. Burgers, one of our last meals in Sydney!  Well... actually, I was the only one that ate it.  LOL.  Everyone had their own preference when it comes to food.  I was actually planning on having Ippudo ramen (yes, they have it in Sydney!) but decided against it when I saw the long line forming in front of Charlie and Co.  Call me gullible, but a long line anywhere is almost always a surefire way to make you get in line too.  So yes, I fell in line and waited for my turn.


The menu.  Short and sweet.
Open kitchen.  Bun area.

You can even see them cooking your patties!

The entire kitchen.  Simple, no frills.

Might Charlie Burger
Charlie's wagyu patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, egg, bacon, caramelised onions, Charlie's tomato sauce and aioli

Close up

Cross section of the burger

Uber expensive bottle of Coke!
Curious why I posted a picture of the Coke bottle?  Because this is the most expensive Coke I've ever drank, I just had to immortalize it!  At 330ml, it costs $4 AUD!!!  Converted, that is around Php 160++ for a bottle of Coke, and a small one at that!  Can you believe it?!  If there's one thing I learned about the beverages in Australia, it's that they are quite expensive.  Oh wait, did I say quite?  Scratch that.  They are bloody expensive!  Bottled water is about $3 AUD, and sodas like the Coke above is around $3-4 AUD.  And that's food court prices!  Next time I go, I think I better bring my own.  Or better yet, I think I'll bring over a whole truckload and start selling them over there.  Who knows, maybe I'll get rich!  LOL.

So do I think Charlie's "well worth the wait" motto is really worth the wait?  Heck yes!  This might be one of the best burgers I've tasted in a looooong time.  And I've got discriminating taste!  The patty was soft without being crumbly, and you could smell the heavenly scent of the patty with each bite!  And I loved the fact that they incorporated eggs and caramelized onions in the burger too!  Now that's what I call an authentic burger!  5 out of 5 stars!

Charlie & Co. Burgers is 5/F Westfield Shopping Center, Pitt St. corner Market St. Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

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