Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sydney: Where to go and What to do

Disclaimer:  This guide is most definitely not complete.  But it's what we experienced.  You see, we did not have any itinerary during our trip to Sydney.  We booked a one day tour, and that's it.  All we wanted was to relax, bond, eat and (for me) shop!  So in short, it's a lazy shopaholic's guide to Sydney.  Enjoy!

1. Stroll and Dine along Darling Harbour

In addition to a great view, Darling Harbour boasts of a number of great restaurants.  What could be better than watching the sun set with a bottle of cold beer, or a glass of chilled wine?  Food + Sights = Awesome. 

2. Shopping 

Sydney has a lot of shopping centers.  But the three best would be:
a.  Sydney's Central Business District, where you can find almost anything and everything you need.
b.  Broadway Shopping Centre, which houses two retail giants namely Target and Kmart, or
c.  The outlets.  In our case, we went to Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre.  Lots of great finds!

3.  Tours

We booked a one day tour to the Blue Mountains.  It includes a trip to:
a.  Lincoln's Rock

Brother makes a cameo appearance in my blog.  Say hello! :)

b.  Scenic World (where you can ride the world's steepest railway)

c.  River Cruise (where you can see sights such as the Sydney Opera House)

Was it enjoyable?  Yes and no.  Yes because you get to see a lot of things outside the city, but no because it had to rain on the one day that we decided to go on a tour... and the whole tour is outdoors!  So we had no choice but to skip half of it.  Sigh.

4.  Zoo

Our hotel is right smack in the middle of the Central Business District.  Since the tour did not include a trip to the zoo, we went to the Wild Life Sydney Zoo in Darling Harbour near our hotel.  The zoo itself is quite small, but if you just want to see the "basic" animals in Australia, then Wild Life Sydney Zoo will do.  I couldn't leave Australia without seeing the kangaroos and the koalas, so this zoo was perfect. 

Above is just some of the animals that you'd find in the Wild Life Sydney Zoo.  Cute huh?  Cutest (at least for me) would be the koala.  Who can resist that adorable sleeping face?  Awww...

So that's it!  A short roundup of what we did in Sydney.  Don't worry, the Sydney posts are not over yet, I still have some food posts coming up!  

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  1. inggit much talaga ako! i want to see real koalas live! pati pala kangaroo!