Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sydney Eats: Golden Century Seafood Restaurant

Does the name of the restaurant sound Chinese?  Well, because it is!  Yup, Dad had another one of his Chinese food cravings, but this time, I'm not complaining.

A little back story:  Many, many years ago, my parents went to Australia.  In one of the restaurants they dined in, they tried to order king crab.  You see, Australia's king crabs are nothing like ours here in the Philippines.  Theirs are really, really huge!  So the server refused to sell them the crab claiming that they couldn't finish it since it was just the two of them.  They told the server that if they couldn't finish it, they'd just bring it home, but to no avail.  They never got to try the king crab.  And my Mom haven't stopped thinking about it since.  So fast forward to our trip this time, there's four of us and we finally had the chance to eat Australia's famous king crab!

King Crab
They weren't kidding when they said king crab.  This baby is 2.5 kilos, and apparently, it's their smallest one!

Since the crab is pretty big, we had the option to divide it and have it cooked in different ways.  The server initially suggested we cook it two ways, but Mom felt that it's going to be too much so she bargained for three ways.  
Crab with Salt and Pepper
This is the first way.  I like how the salt and pepper was not too much, making it blend nicely with the soft and juicy meat of the crab.

Crab with Ginger
Second way.  Not much of a fan of ginger, but since the ginger was not too overpowering, I had a couple of these too.  This is a good saucy alternative for those who do not want their crab "dry".

Noodles cooked in Crab Fat

And finally, the third way.  And in my opinion, the best way!  This dish has absolutely zero crab meat in it, but it has something else that more than makes up for it:  crab fat!  See the small bits of orange stuff?  Crab fat.  My own personal bliss.  And my cholesterol's biggest nightmare.  It was so good that I wanted to finish it, but I can't.  Serving's too big so we had to leave it.  Boo hoo!

Braised Chinese Ham with Vegetables

Vegetables.  Zzzzz... LOL!  Nothing much to say here.

Beancurd with Minced Prawns

A not-so-exciting dish, but it's nicely appetizing.  The minced prawns gave flavor to the otherwise bland beancurd.

Complimentary Dessert Trio

Among the three, I only liked the butter cookies.  The one with the powdered sugar is just fried wonton wrappers, and the other one.. well, I can't seem to distinguish the taste but it did nothing to please my palate.

Peanut Soup

Watery.  But my Mom likes the fact that it's not too sweet.

This is possibly the most expensive dinner we've had for four people, but it is also one of the best.  With the exception of the dessert (which was free anyway), every single thing we had was oh so good!  To this day, I still think of the noodles cooked in crab fat, cholesterol be damned.  5 out of 5 stars!

Golden Century Seafood Restaurant is at 393-399 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

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