Monday, March 9, 2015

The Gourmade Happiemeal Diaries: Day 1

After all the holiday pig-outs, all the restaurant hopping, and all the "trying-for-the-sake-of-trying" gluttony that happened...  hard as it may be to admit, but the pounds have piled on and it's time to jumpstart that diet.  AGAIN.  If you've read about my Lunchbox Diet Diaries last year, then you'd know that I've already tried this kind of diet.  Yes it worked, but the lazy me did not continue with it, happily went back to my wayward eating habits, and thus, hello unwanted pounds!  Well, this time I'm back with a vengeance and plan to go through with the diet no matter what!

With so much diet food delivery companies around nowadays, it might be hard to choose which one is for you.  This time around, I only had two things in mind.  First, is that the price must be budget friendly.  And second, is that they must come highly recommended by friends/acquaintances.  Guess who passed those standards?  Happiemeal by Gourmade!

So, what's Happiemeal by Gourmade?
Happiemeal by Gourmade is a diet delivery service that delivers calorie counted meals 5 days a week.  At 1200 calories a day, they give you 3 meals and 2 snacks for Php 2000 (plus Php 300 delivery charge for my area).  Need a higher calorie intake?  Gourmade can adjust to your calorie needs by offering meals at 1500 and also 1800 calories.  Plus, they also offer a pescetarian (only fish as meat) menu.

My Happiemeal!

Monday's Menu

Monday's Food

Breakfast:  Tortang Talong and Tinapa Fried Rice
Not much a fan of brown rice, but the tortang talong was delicious!  They managed to mash up the eggplant so finely that you could barely tell it's eggplant.  It's kind of like eating egg frittata.

Lunch:  Beef Salpicao with Garlic Rice
Just when I thought that the tortang talong would be the tastiest meal of the day, here comes the beef salpicao!  Again, couldn't say I liked the brown rice, but the beef salpicao blew me away!  It was very tender, and very flavorful!  The sweet-spicy flavors was a party in my mouth!

Dinner:  Pad Thai
Guess we should have put this in the refrigerator, because there was a certain smell to it when we ate it for dinner.  It was a little bland too.

Snack:  Banana Dipped in Chocolate
"Is this even diet food?"  That was my first reaction when I bit into the banana dipped in chocolate.  I was half expecting tasteless bland chocolate but nooooo.  It tasted like normal milk chocolate bars that melted.  Could not resist scraping the rest of the chocolates at the bottom of the container even after the bananas were long gone.

So how was my first day?  It was hit and miss.  With the exception of the pad thai, all the others were really delicious.  I mean, if diet food tasted this good, then sign me up for the next few weeks, or even months!  Looking forward to greater meals for the days to come!

For more information about Happiemeal by Gourmade, visit their Facebook page at

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