Sunday, March 1, 2015

Outfit of the Week: Furry Friend

Isn't it exciting when you go out of the country and find one perfect piece that completely makes up your outfit?  This happened to me, and my one perfect piece is this fur vest.  Actually, I've already seen this exact fur vest in our local Forever 21 store, loved it a lot, but thought to myself "how on earth am I going to wear that out in a hot and humid country like ours?!"  So I let it go.  It was a good thing the opportunity presented itself while we were in Tokyo and I saw the vest again.  Let me tell you, the fur was sooooo soft and silky, I couldn't stop touching myself!  Even Hubby too! (ok you people with dirty minds, couldn't stop touching the FUR ok? LOL!)  So yes, no regrets in getting my fur vest, even if I only got to wear it once.  I'm sure there'll be more trips on colder climates soon, and you can bet I'll be bringing it along!  xoxo  

...and this, my friends, marks the end of my Tokyo series this January 2015.  Now, back to regular programming!

Vest:  Forever 21
Top:  Gap
Leggings:  Cotton On
Shoes:  GU
Bag:  Givenchy

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