Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Gourmade Happiemeal Diaries: Day 3

Day 3.  Lost a whopping 2.4 lbs from yesterday!  My initial reaction when I stepped into the scale was "Am I dreaming or is the scale broken?"  Turns out, neither.  I am 100% sure I'm fully awake when doing the weigh-in, and I weighed myself again to check - and yes, I lost 2.4 lbs! 

Wednesday's Menu

Wednesday's Food

Breakfast:  Tapa Breakfast Burritos
Loved the Tapa Burritos.  It's basically rice, tapa and a bit of cheese. The serving was just right too.

Lunch:  Marinated Blue Mackerel in Garlic and Olive Oil with Mung Bean
Again, hated the brown rice, but I liked the garlic.  It added the flavorful twist needed to spice up the boring brown rice (LOL, can you tell how much I hated the brown rice?).  Mackerel was a bit tough and dry.

Dinner:  Chicken Melt Sandwich
Tasted like nornal chicken sandwich.  Wish the chicken pieces were bigger though.

Snacks:  Cassava Cake and Shortbread Biscuit
My initial reaction when I saw the cassava was "are they sure this doesn't exceed the calorie count?"  It felt like cheating, because it tasted like normal cassava cake!  The shortbread biscuit was pretty good too!

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