Thursday, March 7, 2013

TeaTap Cafe

Once upon a time, amidst all the milk tea shops along Wilson St., another tea shop opens.  It's name?  TeaTap Cafe.  While this tea shop is unknown, soon people started hanging out there and in no time, it became the not-so-secret spot for all milk tea lovers.  What I specially love about TeaTap Cafe is their cozy interiors.  If you're one to frequent almost all the milk tea shops like me, then you will agree with me that most of them lack the interior factor.  This is where TeaTap Cafe veers away from the norm and looks inviting enough that you'll feel like staying longer.  Plus points that their place is very spacious and quiet.  Perfect whether you'd want to bring a book with you, or just to casually catch up with friends over a cup of yummy milk tea.  Oh and did I mention that they have food too?  Not just food, but good food.  Here let me show you:

Royal Black Milk Tea with Pearl

Ebiko Pasta


Curry Hamburg Rice

Hungry now?  As you can see, they don't scrimp on ingredients.  Everything, and I mean everything tastes delicious.  I particularly love their Royal Milk Tea, because I think it's one of the strongest milk teas in the market.  So next time you find yourself in Wilson St. San Juan, whether you want to grab a quick drink or a quick bite, why not try out TeaTap Cafe?  You won't regret it.  

TeaTap Cafe is at G/F Ongpauco Sisters Bldg., P. Guevarra cor Wilson St. Greenhills, San Juan.

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