Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Best Western Premier F1 Hotel

Hello everyone!  Belated Happy Easter!  How did you spend your holiday?  If you're like me, then you'd probably still have the "holiday hangover".  Don't you wish we had more of these loooong weekends, even just once a quarter?  Maybe if I become the president next time, I'll make a decree out of it!  LOL.  That's why I can never be a president *wink*  Anyhow, speaking of long weekends, Hubby and I had quite a nice holiday.  You see, late last year, we were invited to the Miss Earth Ambassadors' Night at the Best Western Premier F1 Hotel.  At the registration, they asked us to drop our calling cards because there will be a raffle afterwards.  I dropped mine, and the next thing I know, my name was being called as the winner of an overnight stay!  Lucky me!  I've kept the gift certificate and forgot all about it until one day, I suddenly remembered as we were passing by the hotel.  Panicked for a bit because I thought we missed the validity period, but good thing we still had about a month to go before it goes to waste.  Holy week was coming up, what perfect timing, right?  Fine print though, it says we can't use it during the holidays, so we checked in a day early, hence, early vacation for us!  

Checking in was a breeze.  It took less than 5 minutes and the staff were very courteous.  Let me show you how our room looked like:
Spacious corridor

The bed

The couch and minibar

Closet and TV

The bathroom

Our view

Pretty nice.  But there were some things that I didn't like either, like this (see picture below):

To sum it all up, here are my pros and cons about the hotel:

a.  Good location.  The hotel was near everything!  You can do your groceries in S&R, shop and eat in Bonifacio High Street, then have coffee in Starbucks.  Everything is walking distance.
b.  Nice staff.  Everyone was welcoming and accommodating.  Makes you feel right at home.
c.  Delicious breakfast at the F Restaurant.  The gift certificate we had came with free breakfast buffet for two.  Will blog about our experience on the next post.

a.  The bathroom tiles (pictured above).  It really is a sight for sore eyes.  Hope that the management can change that.
b.  The faulty bathroom exhaust.  When we arrived, everything smelled fine.  But after a few minutes, I smelled a not so pleasant smell coming from the bathroom (ok it smelled like someone pooped) but nobody went in to do their business.  So we figured it must have come from the exhaust.
c.  The lack of bathroom amenities.  Only shampoo, conditioner and soap were provided.  We were given bedroom slippers too but just one pair.

Overall, I think I'd want to stay at the F1 Hotel again.  Next time though, I'll check the bathroom first just to be sure.

The Best Western Premier F1 Hotel  is at 32nd St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

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