Sunday, April 21, 2013

Outfit of the Week: Shirtdress Dressing

Shirtdresses are the most versatile pieces that you can own in your closet!  Yes, that is a statement and I hereby declare it to be true.  LOL.  Huge plus:  it's easy to dress it up or down, and it's definitely one of the no brainer outfits.  Put it on and you're good to go!  Going to my first statement, how versatile, you ask?  For a more casual look, you can opt to wear the shirtdress on its own.  But for a more polished look, dress it up with a belt (like what I did below).  You can also wear them opened with shorts and a tank top, or use them as a beach coverup.  Seriously, there's a million things you can do with them, and I cannot put into words how much I looooove them.  I'm sure my closet will agree too because I have them in all sorts of material, prints and cuts!  So next time you're at a loss for something to wear, why not go for a shirtdress?  Here's to hoping you love them as much as I do!

Dress:  Monki
Shoes:  Topshop
Bag:  Bottega Veneta
Belt:  Hermes

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