Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Miss M's 2013 Hong Kong Shoe Finds

A girl can't have too many shoes.  How many times have we all heard that?  Confession:  I can never, ever resist a good pair of shoes.  As long as they look good or cute, I'll snap it up!  So now, after all those food posts, now comes the shopping post.  After all, Hong Kong is Asia's ultimate shopping destination!  Let me share with you guys some of my amazing shoe finds during our trip!  

Jeffrey Campbell
How can you go wrong with studs and see through shoes?  Answer?  You don't!  Hubby was the one who actually saw this.  Knowing my love for anything special and weird, he excitedly called me up and told me he had something to show me.  True enough, I fell in love with this pair the moment I saw it.  The bad thing is, the store didn't have my size so I had to travel 12 subway stops (to and from) in 30 minutes and run like a madwoman to get it.  Tsk tsk, the things us girls do for shoes! 

Jeffrey Campbell
This one came as a bonus.  No, it's not free (how I wish).  Rather, while I was getting the other pair above (first photo), I saw this one and liked it so much that I got it too!  At least the loooong subway trip wasn't for nothing, I hit two birds with one stone!  The details might look very much alike with the first one, but they will never, ever be mistaken for the same shoe. 

Adidas x Jeremy Scott
Ah, Jeremy Scott.  The mastermind behind out of this world, wonderfully weird shoes.  He really does pay great attention to detail.  Just look at it.  Saw this pair during our previous trip, but didn't think much about it.  It was when we finally got back that I regretted so much for not buying it.  Good thing we had another trip coming!  This pair was the first thing I looked for when our plane landed in Hong Kong!  Still trying to figure out what outfit to wear with it though... LOL.

Bass x Rachel Antonoff

Now this pair was my extra last minute purchase.  Literally half an hour before we boarded the train to the airport!  I was actually looking for another pair and chanced upon this one.  Ultimate.  Shoe.  Lust.  It's like wearing nothing!  All I did was hope that they have it in my size.  And finally when  the shoe guy came out with a box, I can't thank the shoe gods enough!

So what do you guys think?  Amazing huh?  The most amazing part is, I got all of them on sale!  Yep, didn't pay full price for any of the shoes here.  Cool huh?  I'm in loooove with these new pairs.  Can't wait to take them all out for a spin!

Oh and before I forget, there's one extra special pair that I think deserves its own post.  Curious?  Do watch out for my next post!

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