Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Back from a Vacation!

...and I'm back!  Most of you don't know this, but I went on a one week trip with the family!  Can you guess where?  Below is a clue:

Quite gloomy huh?  It was raining cats and dogs the day we had our tour.  Boo!  Anyways, if you guessed Australia, then yes, you're right!  Well, Sydney is the more specific answer since we were only able to visit one place in Australia on this trip.  Cross fingers that we'll be able to go back and see more of this fabulous country in the coming years.  Let me take a breather to put my posts together, but do watch out for upcoming Sydney entries.  Can't wait to share our trip with you guys!

On a side note, my blog anniversary contest is coming to an end!  But it's not too late to join, click here for more details!


  1. i'm so inggit! will wait on your next post on this trip. can't wait to see your travel pictures

  2. Thanks yenmorales! Editing my pictures now so that I can make my entries asap :) thanks for reading my blog! :)