Monday, November 4, 2013

Singapore Eats: Poulét

Somewhere along my search for restaurants to try in Singapore, I stumbled upon a food blog that had great raves for Poulét.  It was so beautifully written, and so convincing, that I decided to put it down on my list.  And on our third day, I dragged Hubby to Vivo City to try out the famed Poulét ourselves.  

Here's what we had:
French Onion Soup
Not much to rave about.  It was your typical average-tasting French onion soup.

Country Side Mushroom Soup
Possibly the creamiest mushroom soup I've ever had.  Not necessarily good; it felt like drinking cream straight from the carton.

Saute Wild Mushroom
I like the way they were able to come up with poached egg and mushroom and put it together.  The mushroom was delicious, and the egg was perfectly poached.  But it's nothing we couldn't cook up ourselves at home.

Oxtail de Bourguignon
Meh.  Tastes... normal.  Wasn't that tender either.

Gratin of Potato and Sweet Corn
Too much cream!

Poulét Roti (Whole)
The famed Poulét roast chicken.  According to the menu, it was brined for a full day before being roasted.  I think they coated the skin with something else because it tasted... fruity?  Notice the white sauce on the bottom of the plate?  It's supposedly mushroom chardonnay sauce but neither I nor Hubby can detect even a hint of chardonnay.  All we tasted was cream.

If there's one thing Hubby and I both noticed, it's that Poulét loves their cream.  Half of our dishes have cream in it, and not just a bit of cream, but A LOT.  Admittedly, we were underwhelmed.  The food was not bad, but it wasn't blow-me-away good either.  3 out of 5 stars.

Poulét is at Vivo City1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-175/176/177, Singapore

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