Sunday, November 10, 2013

Outfit of the Week: Supersize Me

Oh hello!  My apologies, haven't posted an outfit shot for quite some time now.  Been feeling uninspired, so lately all my outfits have been blah and not post-worthy.  LOL.  Well this week I've managed to pick myself up fashion-wise and finally came up with something decent (at least to me, haha).  I present to you... my supersize me outfit!  Why?  No it's not because I got morbidly fat over the course of the month, but rather, the title has something to do with my actual outfit.  See the necklace?  It has oversized pearls.  The skirt?  Maxi.  And the bag?  Oversized too.  The person on the photo?  Well, er... let's not go there.  LOL!  Was actually a bit conscious to wear a cropped top outside (people might start screaming and running away, haha) but Hubby said it looks fine so with a bit of self-confidence, I wore this out to a family lunch.  Well, the good news is, no one started screaming or running away, and the security guards at the mall actually let me in!  Haha!  But seriously speaking, my parents, who almost always has something to say when it comes to my fashion choices, did not say anything!  Yay!

So how about you, my dear readers?  How do you find my outfit?  Did I pull it off?  Sound off at the comments section please!  Would love to hear what you think! :) 

Top:  Forever 21
Skirt:  Ever New
Necklace:  Ever New
Bracelet:  Ever New
Bag:  Balenciaga
Shoes:  Tkees

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