Friday, November 29, 2013

QT Hotel

Starting off my Sydney posts with where we stayed for one whole week:  QT Hotel.  Before we flew to Australia, my brother and I asked our Dad which hotel he booked for our vacation.  Dad's answer was "QT".  Whaaa...?  Cutie?   Is this a joke?  We both wondered.  "No.  QT.  Letter Q and letter T.  Google it."  was his reply.  So google we did, and boy oh boy, the place looked nothing like your standard traditional hotel.  Reviews online described it as quirky.  Well, quirky is good for me.  I'm too tired from seeing countless cookie-cutter hotel rooms anyway so this one is one refreshing change.  The pictures online were so nice that I actually looked forward to getting to the hotel more than seeing what Sydney has to offer! 

After a few more weeks of waiting, vacation time finally came.  Our flight arrived early in the morning and the first thing we did when we got to Sydney was to check into the hotel.  Let me tell you, nothing prepared me for what we saw.  It was way better than I expected.  A visual feast for the eyes.  Mind-blowingly perfect.  Don't believe me?  Scroll down for your treat:

Part of the hotel lobby

Hotel Lobby and Check-In Counters

What greeted us when the elevator opened to our floor

Our room number
Key card

Our room with two queen beds

Wide shot of the bar/bathroom/working area

Closer shot of the minibar
Not your ordinary minibar.  They had these for sale!  Emergency bowtie, anyone?

Bottoms Up!
The Throne.  This is an entire section separate from  the bath area.
Wash area
And Bath Tub!

Mismatched seats and wall art

Soooo... What do you think?  Did you guys love it as much as I did?  They really paid great attention to detail.  Everything was well thought of, from the staff uniforms down to the elevator.  Just a bit of tidbit:  the elevators in QT Hotel plays a different song every time the door closes.  And when it opens to let a guest off on one of the floors, sometimes it even says "Hasta La Vista, Baby!"  LOL.  I was literally speechless.  
So how would I rate QT Hotel?  Is that even a question?  I'm so in love with this hotel!  In fact, I've never loved a hotel more in my life!  Quirky became an understatement.  Everything was perfect in their own mismatched ways - from the rooms, to the lobby, and the service... All I can say is, WOW!  5 out of 5 stars!

QT Hotel is at 49 Market Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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  1. omg! ang ganda! parang museum style un lobby then parang sort of horror house! hahaha.. kind of quirky alright! nice for photographers who like to take pictures on odd things.. will wait for your next blog post on your tour to sydney. i want to see the places you went to and of course the food you've tried =)