Friday, December 21, 2012


Living in the Philippines, there's Filipino restaurants right and left.  It's hard to find one which is not your typical cookie cutter Filipino restaurant.  Enter Abe.  When this restaurant first opened in Serendra some years ago, it was next to impossible to get a table.  Fast forward to now, it's still hard to secure a table.  That's how you know if a restaurant is good.  You know it's not just hype because it's newly opened and everybody wanted to try it.

It was quite sometime (ok, maybe yearsss) when we last ate in Abe.  Not because it's not good, but because  we seldom find ourselves in Serendra because of all the newly opened restaurants in Bonifacio High Street Central.  On a random Saturday, Mom and I had a date.  And when asked where to eat, Abe suddenly popped into my mind.

What we had:
Squid Tactics
This is one of my old favorites.  I like how the batter is just light and remains white, unlike other calamares that turn brown after a round of frying.  The slightly sweet-spicy sauce also complements it very well.

Pork Hamonado
This is one of the new dishes which came highly recommended by our server.  She didn't fail us.  It was good.  But be warned:  eating more than one can be dizzying because of the fat.

The non-traditional lengua, which came in a serving dish with a baked crust.  Would have preferred my lengua to be whole and not chopped into pieces, but it was pretty tender so I guess it cancels out the negative points.

Bamboo Rice
One of the house specials (or at least i think) is their bamboo rice.  The rice was soft but not overly done.

This is more of Mom's dish.  Not much of a pinakbet person myself, but she gave her nod of approval, so I guess it's good!

Overall Abe gets a 4 out of 5 stars.  Perfect for those occasions which require you to bring a balikbayan friend/relative out to eat, but you want to avoid the usual Filipino fare. 

Abe is at Serendra, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

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