Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ladurée Macarons

It's here!  It's here!  It's here!!!  What got me so excited?  Oh, just macarons.  NOOOOO.... it's not JUST macarons!  It's french macarons, specifically Ladurée!!  For those in the know, I think you'd share my excitement.  But for those who haven't got a clue what got me jumping up and down, here's a little introduction:  Ladurée originated in France, and it's one of the, if not THE best macarons in the world!  I first got a taste of this on a family vacation to France last 2010.  I've been hearing raves but haven't got the chance to try it out, so when I saw the small kiosk on one of the department stores in France, I went for it! And boy, was I in for a treat! Nothing prepared me for the orgasmic taste of Ladurée.  All you have to do is bite into the crunchy outer shell and savor the sweet and chewy explosion that follows.  Yes, it's THAT good.  After that memorable taste of Ladurée, I've tried in vain to find an alternative, but every other macaron I tasted paled in comparison.  Fast forward to 2011, I discovered that Ladurée has opened a store in New York.  Since Hubby and I were going to New York for our honeymoon, I made sure that we would be able to drop by and get our macaron fix.  Hubby, who has never tasted Ladurée prior to that, found their macarons amazing.  Note that Hubby is a chef and thus, it's rare when he finds something delicious.  That only means one thing:  Ladurée truly is divine.  Third time I was able to have Ladurée was when an aunt came back from New York and brought some for the family.  I wanted to just stare at it to prolong its life because I'm not sure when will be the next time I'll get to have another one but of course, if I don't eat it, then it's going to spoil and such a waste that will be.  You have no idea how much I wished that there would be a Ladurée here in the Philippines or anywhere that we can have easy access to it.  Asia perhaps? Well, I must've been good this year because that wish is granted!  Christmas came early!  Woohoo!  

A picture of Ladurée popped up in my Instagram just last week.  It was taken by my college friend who happens to be in Hong Kong for a vacation.  I quickly googled it and found out that Ladurée has just opened in Hong Kong this November!  And to add to my luck, my best friend D planned a last minute trip to Hong Kong.  Of course I'm not going to pass up the chance, I asked him to get me some!  And today, this is what greeted me:

Love the color. So simple yet chic.

A list of macaron flavors

Very luxurious looking box

My preciousssss... Mine, all mine!!!  Nah, of course I'm going to share (reluctantly, with a pouty face) 

A HUGE thank you to D! :)

So if you happen to be in Hong Kong, or plan to go there, do know that Ladurée is now open!  French macarons just an hour and a half flight away!  Best. News. Ever.

Ladurée Hong Kong is at Harbour City Shop 3224, Level 3, Gateway Arcade, Tsim Sha Tsui.

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