Thursday, December 6, 2012

Meet Wrinkles!

Last Friday was the day our lives changed... for the better!  Why?  Hubby brought home a 2-month old puppy!  A sharpei, to be exact.  And we can't get enough of him!  Just look:

He's so fluffyyyyyyy!  Just look at all those folds!  Now I don't want him to grow up because I'm afraid he might lose the folds!  Isn't he the cutest thing?  He can be quite a handful though... this guy poops and pees all the time, eats like a hungry lion, and cries when put in a cage.  He also goes around sniffing, licking and biting (more like nibbling), but what dog doesn't do all that, right?  Bottom line is, he's just being a puppy.  We can't wait to teach him tricks and go on a crazy adventure together with him.  So if you see us around, do stop and say hi to Wrinkles!  

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