Sunday, December 30, 2012

Outfit of the Week: Paint Splattered

Ahh the fruits of the Mango sale.  I'm totally obsessed about this paint splattered dress.  It skims the body but doesn't make you look bulky.  What girl wouldn't want that right?  And the best part is, I got it on sale!  Wanted to wear flats but it just doesn't look right, so I went all out with the pearls and the clutch!  This is one of my favorite looks to date.  Do you like it?

Side note:  Did you notice the candy wrapper clutch?  Sorry it's not too visible here, but if you're familiar with the recent collaboration between H&M and Margiela, this is it!  The moment I saw the clutch from the lookbook, I knew I had to have it.  But how?  We still don't have an H&M store here.  No other means but to stalk Ebay.  There were hundreds of listings but some prices were crazy high and there's no way I'm paying for a faux leather clutch at the prices they were asking.  Finally found one with a reasonable mark-up and went in for the kill!  Was as giddy as a kid on Christmas day when I won the auction!  Ah the joys of Ebay (or Evilbay as some would call it, haha!).  Still wish one of the retail giants would bring in H&M here to our shores so that we don't have to rely on relatives/Ebay to get our H&M goodies!  Retail gods, please hear me out!

Dress:  Mango
Shoes:  Aldo
Bag:  Maison Martin Margiela x H&M
Necklace:  SM Accessories

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