Sunday, December 23, 2012

Year End Vacation

Off to a much needed year end vacation!  Can you guess where?

If your guess is the beautiful island of Boracay, ding ding ding!  You win!  Win what?  A kiss and a hug from me, of course!  LOL just kidding :)  It's been 13-something long years since I last set foot on this beautiful place.  Always been planning, but never really pushed through with it.  What do you know, this year end trip to Boracay was only planned a few weeks ago!  So excited!  4 whole days of rest, relaxation.  Nothing but me, the sun, sand and the waters.  And the people!  And FOOOOOOOD!!!  The list of restaurants has already been prepared.  Food warriors, go go go!  LOL!  Zero bikini body for me, unless you count the zero literally. 0 = shape of my body :)

If you happen to be around Boracay for the next four days, do say hello if you happen to see me (hopefully I'm not stuffing myself silly around that time, but please, do stop me if I am).

Off we go!  Be back in a few days!

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