Sunday, December 2, 2012

Outfit of the Week: Picnic Ready

Don't I look picnic-ready in this outfit?  Actually wore this to a family gathering, and before anyone raises their eyebrows about how unappropriate my tie-waist midriff-baring top is, I did not wear it like that to the gathering.  I did, however, wear it like that after the gathering.  LOL.  Personally, I like this outfit combination.  Would've worn a pair of heels to look taller in my mid-length skirt, but we'll be doing a lot of walking so I went for my trusted pair of flats.  I also love my scarf print skirt with a pink elastic waist.  It just looks so cute!  The best part?  I got it at SM's teens section and you know what that means right?  It means I still fit into teens wear!  Yahoo!!!  Kidding aside, it means that I got the skirt for a song.  Shopping tip:  When looking for something, always check the teens section first.  You might find the exact same top/dress/skirt/shorts for a lot cheaper than the women's section.    

How do you like my outfit?  And what do you wear to a normal daytime gathering?  Let me know!

Top:  Forever 21
Skirt:  Betty from SM Girls' Teens Wear Department
Bag:  Celine
Shoes:  Red Herring from Debenhams

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