Saturday, January 5, 2013

Boracay Eats: Sanson at the Pearl of the Pacific

My first ever trip to Boracay was 13 long years ago.  That was my first and only trip there prior to the recent  trip we had.  Boracay then was nothing like the Boracay we now know.  Back then it was just the sand and the water.  The place was quiet and serene.  We stayed at the Pearl of the Pacific and one thing that really stuck to me was remembering how my Mom was almost always at the hotel restaurant every afternoon having the bibingka.  In her own words, it was "the best and yummiest bibingka ever.  Nothing compares."  So on this trip, it was mandatory that we pay a visit to the Pearl of the Pacific to have their bibingka we craved for 13 years.  As luck would have it, it appears that the bibingka has been taken off the menu for quite some time now.  The server didn't even know they had it; she claims the only time they served it was during Holy Week.  We were all disappointed.  But since we were already there, we decided to just have our lunch in Sanson.  Here's what we had:

Spring rolls mozzarella

Mozarella pieces wrapped in spring roll sheets and fried to a nice crunchy perfection.

Combination of calamares and fried prawns

It's rare to find a combination of calamares and prawns in one order.  We found it lacking (the prawns were just 3 pieces), but the overall taste was not bad.

Beef ribs

Uh... yup.  That's beef ribs.  We were initially surprised when this dish arrived at our table.  We thought the server got our order wrong and gave us sweet and sour fish instead.  Upon closer inspection, it really was beef ribs!  But sweet and sour beef ribs?  The taste is not something you'd get used to right away.  But the ribs were really tender.

Chicken Kebab

The Chicken Kebab was tender, grilled to perfection. 

Pork Liempo

The pork liempo tasted so-so.  Just like any other pork liempo you would find in other restaurants.  Not much of a fan of the liempo because of the huge chunk of fat included in each piece.

Pancit Canton

Tender noodles with a nice bite.  My only concern was that the vegetables were more than the actual noodles.

Vegetable Curry

The Vegetable Curry was too watery for my taste.  Wish they would have reduced the water and went for a creamier version.

Overall I would rate Sanson a 3out of 5 stars.  It's not bad, but it can improve so much more.

Sanson is at the Pearl of the Pacific, Station 1, Boracay.


  1. I wonder how you felt when you set foot on the island after 13 years. Back then, Boracay had no jetty port yet, and the banca must have directly brought you to one of the stations on White Beach.

  2. Hi! It was surreal to set foot in Boracay after 13 long years. It's like coming home but the home was not the way you remember it. Still good though :) and yes, I still remember the bancas that brought us to Station 1 :)

  3. I got the same feeling when I arrived here in Boracay. It was 14 years of not being interested in Boracay. Then suddenly, we decided to reside here and it was so different from the way it was. I still miss the old Boracay. But considering that the development has brought the city convenience, I learn to live and like the Boracay now.

  4. Wow... to be living in Boracay, that would be such a dream. I guess it depends on the person, some would miss the clean, uncrowded and isolated beaches of Boracay, while others like the crowds and establishments. But I guess there's always a compromise as I still saw isolated spots in Boracay when we went there last Christmas :)