Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lusting After: Céline Trio

Bags are girls' best friends.  And shoes.  And clothes.  And diamonds.  Ok, let's get back to bags.  Céline has been in the business for quite some time now (1945 to be exact!) but has gathered an almost cult following just these past few years with the introduction of their Mini Luggage.  Celebrities, models, socialites have all been seen carrying this particular "It" bag.  While the Mini Luggage is the most sought after (confession, I have several), let us not forget the other Céline bags which are now closely following the footsteps of their queen Mini Luggage.  One example?  The Trio bag.  What is it?  It's name Trio because it literally comes in threes.  One bag = three compartments.  Isn't that just lovely?  The best part is that they come with a long strap.  One major complaint I've heard about the Mini Luggage is that it's too heavy, and many owners wished they came with a strap so that they can easily sling it across their shoulders.  Well, Céline did grant that wish with the Nano Luggage but it's a bit small and not all essentials might fit in it.  One advantage that the Trio has over the Nano Luggage is that they come in three sizes: regular, large and oversize so you can get your own according to your needs.  And with an array of colors like these, who can resist??  See below:

Doesn't the picture above remind you of candy?  For the more conservative ones, here are the "safer" colors:

The Céline boutique has not reached our shores yet but you can get yours at Homme et Femme in Shangri-La Plaza.

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