Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Beauty Boxes: Unboxing my 2nd SaladBox

Interrupting the Boracay food posts so that you guys won't get tired of all the food, food and food (and so that you won't think I'm THAT much of a glutton, but I guess that's already a given LOL).

My December Saladbox has arrived!  Remember that I wasn't too happy with the November Saladbox?  Let's see if Saladbox was able to make up for the less-than satisfying November box.

Here's a first peek of the December box, with the welcome note:

...and here is the contents of the box.  My first reaction?  Err... that's it??   While I said that the November box is disappointing, this is a major fail.  Nothing compared to the BDJ boxes here and here.

What I got: 
1.  Alyssa Ashley Mush Eau de Toilette
2.  Ciate Nail Lacquer
3.  Virginia Olsen Warm Olive Glow
4.  Carmex Lip Balm
5.  2 Sophia by Virginia Olsen Eyelash Enhancer Php500 Gift Certificate
6.  Urbanears Php300 off Gift Voucher 

After getting this box, I don't think I'll be renewing my subscription to Saladbox.  Gave them a chance but I'm really unhappy with what they gave me for December.  Oh well.  How about you?  To those who subscribed to beauty boxes, what boxes were stand outs and what boxes were major fails?  Let me know!

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