Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hong Kong Eats: Ebeneezer's Kebabs

I discovered about Ebeneezer's Kebabs on one of the posts from my favorite food blogger.  It was so highly recommended that it made my mouth water and I immediately made a mental note to try out Ebeneezer's when we set foot in Hong Kong.  Almost missed the chance too because there was just way too much restaurants on our must-try-when-in-Hong-Kong list, but good thing we were able to squeeze in a quick lunch on our last day, right before we left for the airport.  

Here's what we had:
Ebeneezer's roti was a bit thick.  It also tasted like stale bread.  Our local Banana Leaf's thin, chewy version most definitely wins over Ebeneezers'.

The lamb was quite juicy and tasty, except that there are soft ones and there are also tough ones.

Donar (Lamb) Kebab
If there's a reason to try out Ebeneezer's Kebabs, then this is most likely THE reason for it.  The lamb pieces were juicy and tender, and the sauce was really good too.  I am 1000%  sure I'll be back for this one.

Chicken Curry
Tastes like normal chicken curry.  Nothing much to rave about.

Gulab Jamun
I literally almost squealed in glee when I saw the gulab jamun on their menu.  Why?  Because the very first gulab jamun I had was during college, at an Indian friend's house.  I've never had it since, and having it again made me reminisce about the good ol' college days. (oh and if you're wondering what it is, I think it's just sponge cake soaked in syrup.  At least, that's how it tastes like for me.  Haha!)

Overall I'd give Ebeneezer's Kebabs a 3.5 out of 5 stars.  NEVER miss the chance to order the Donar (ILamb) Kebab.  It's a definite MUST!

Ebeneezer's Kebabs is at G/F, 52 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

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