Sunday, August 25, 2013

Outfit of the Week: That T-shirt Dress

" I don't have anything to wear!" --- does this sentence sound familiar?  Yes, seems like we girls are always plagued with nothing to wear issues.  Never mind that our closets are stuffed to the brim.  Never mind that we just went shopping the other day.  Never mind that there are still unopened paper bags on the floor and clothes that still have tags attached to them.  This is what guys normally do not understand, that a certain occasion or a certain place needs a certain outfit, and sometimes the things in our closet just isn't right.  The solution?  The ever reliable t-shirt dress.  Throw it on and go.  Doesn't matter if you're just going to the mall or you're going to a family gathering, the t-shirt dress works in every occasion (ok, maybe not for horseback riding or camping, ok?  LOL).  But take note:  not all t-shirt dress works.  You have to find one with the right fabric, right print and the right cut.  So imagine my glee when I saw this in the racks at Monki Hong Kong.  It has the right fabric (silky), right print (I'm loving the floral scarf print) and the right cut (straight, not too loose and not too tight).  If it came in 10 other colors, then I would've been so tempted to get them all! (thank goodness it only came in one print!)  So here it is, my beloved t-shirt dress.  How do you like it?  Sound off at the comments section!

Dress:  Monki
Bag:  Givenchy
Shoes:  Tory Burch

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