Monday, August 5, 2013

Press Cafe (A Rant)

...and I'm back!  Soooo sorry for not being able to blog for a month now.  A month!  I'm a bad, bad blogger, I know.  But I've got excuses too.  You see, July is my birth month, and this year was quite both special and unspecial. Special because I got to go to one of my favorite countries not just once, but twice!  Any guesses where?  Clue:  it's less than 2 hours by plane and is Asia's shopping destination.  Got it yet?  If you guessed Hong Kong, then you're absolutely right!  So expect a few posts about Hong Kong in the upcoming days.  On the other hand, July has also been quite challenging.  I got sick.  We initially suspected that it was Dengue, but blood tests confirmed that it wasn't, thank God.  Nothing major but it was one of the most difficult flu I've ever gone through.  Was out cold for almost 2 weeks!  Runny nose, cough, chills, fever, bloody nose, loss of appetite... these are just a few of what I've experienced, and I think I'll spare you the other gory details because I might lose a few readers if I put every single detail here.  LOL.  

So anyway... enough with the looooong explanation.  Let's get down to business --- Press Cafe.  Ah, yes.  Those who frequent the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell might be familiar with Press Cafe.  For those who aren't, it's the little coffee shop situated right beside Fully Booked on the third floor.  To tell the truth, I've never actually tried Press Cafe before.  I've walked past it hundreds of times, but only decided to try it one weeknight as Hubby and I were rushing to catch a movie.  We wanted something simple and fast, and Press Cafe looked like one of those places where you could grab a quick bite.  

We were seated immediately when we got there.  But the table was quite sticky, so we called the attention of the server and asked for the table to be wiped.  It took two server requests before one came, complete with an exasperated "why should I bother wiping your table" look on her face, and I knew then and there that we won't be enjoying our dinner.  And yes, I was right.  Why?  Let me count the ways.  

First, our orders.  Hubby ordered the Classic Herb Roast Chicken, I got the Cheesy Eggplant, and we had the Chicken Fingers to share.  First one to be served was the Chicken Fingers, which tasted fine, except I know I could do a better version in my own kitchen.  We waited another 15 minutes or so, and my Cheesy Eggplant was served.  So sorry I was not able to take photos because we were in so much hurry, but picture this:  eggplant, cheese and ground pork, dropped haphazardly together in a baking dish, looking like the cook didn't even bother making it the least bit presentable.  It was very, very oily too.  A few more minutes passed by, I was already close to finishing my Cheesy Eggplant.  It looked like Hubby's Roast Chicken would be a no-show.  We followed up our orders, and it finally came out. Guess what?  It was COLD.  Cold like they just got it out of the refrigerator and didn't bother reheating it properly.  Sheesh.  Had to send that one back and we were already panicking because time was running out and we were about to be late for the movie.  The Roast Chicken came out around 10 minutes after, and although it was now hot, the meat was dry and tasteless. What a waste of calories and money.  Fast food would have been a hundred times better.

Overall, I'd rate Press Cafe a -1 out of 5 stars.  Two words:  NEVER AGAIN. Both the food and the service (pardon the word) suck.  I couldn't believe that such a prestigious mall like Rockwell would house a train wreck like Press Cafe.  Word of advise:  if you haven't tried it yet, you are considered to be one of the lucky ones.  And you'd be doing yourself a good deed if you never set foot in that place.  Ever.  

Press Cafe is at Level R3 Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Center, Estrella St. cor Rockwell Dr. Poblacion, Makati

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