Sunday, March 9, 2014

Outfit of the Week: Flower Power

Ah, Valentine's Day.  The day for all things love, flowers, chocolates, and mushiness.  Why am I talking about something that happened almost a month ago?  Well, because what you'll see below is my Valentine's Day outfit.  For the day of love, I chose to go with the flow.  Flowers on my top and flowers on my belt.  Yes, I couldn't get any cheesier.  But heck, it only happens once a year so might as well make the most out of it, right?  To prevent overkill, I chose to go with solids for my bottom and other accessories.  Anyway, can I tell you how much I love my top?  Was browsing through Robinson's Department Store a few months back, with no intention to buy, and then I had to see this.  The simple floral design, the uneven hem... it had me under a spell.  Of course I had to get it!  It's practically screaming my name!  LOL.  Kidding aside, it does look a bit formal, so I had to choose an occasion to wear it.  Now, which occasion would be better than Valentine's right?  It was a good thing I remembered I had it!  So, what do you think?  Yay or nay?  Sound off at the comments section please! 

Top:  Stella (from Robinson's Department Store)
Leggings:  Esmara
Belt:  Dorothy Perkins
Bag:  Chanel
Shoes:  Hot Options (from Target Australia)

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