Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Lunchbox Diet Diaries: Day 4

Day 4!  More than halfway done for the week.  Not so lucky today, just lost .8 lbs from yesterday's weight.  But heck, anything is better than nothing, right?  Actually, most people say that it's a general rule that people on a diet are not supposed to weigh themselves everyday.  I guess it's the OC-ness in me that I just needed to see how I'm progressing every single day, to keep me motivated.  

So anyway, here's what we're having for today!
Thursday's words of encouragement and menu

Thursday's Food

Breakfast:  Chicken & Leek Fritata and Pandesal
The fritata was a bit tough and dry today.  But the pandesal is still fabulous.

Lunch:  Gwama's Pork Hot Pot and Red Rice
Pork was tender and tasty.  But I wish they mixed it with some other vegetables other than radish.

Dinner:  Thai Style Sole Fillet and Red Rice
I would've loved the Thai style sole fillet except for one thing.  As usual, the fish was salty.  From experience, I've discovered that sole fillets tend to absorb salt too much.  So when I cook it, I usually just put a pinch of salt right before cooking.  Hope the lunchbox diet crew can look into this concern.

Snack:  Ponkan and Almond Cookie
I could barely taste the hint of almond in the almond cookie.  Also, some sugar granules have not fully melted into the cookie so it's a bit weird to chew sugar.

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