Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Lunchbox Diet Diaries: Day 3

Day 3!  Lost another 2 lbs!  Wow, if this thing keeps up, then my diet just might be finished in a month (wishful thinking, LOL).  So here's what we're having for today!

Wednesday's words of encouragement and menu

Wednesday's Food

Breakfast:  Jerk Chicken Breakfast Sandwich  
Today's breakfast was shockingly filling.  2 huge slices of wheat bread with chicken breast strips.  Had a hard time keeping the chicken breast strips from falling off, but taste-wise, the bread was soft and the sandwich was delicious.

Lunch:  Beef Keema and Red Rice
This was basically ground beef mixed with a couple herbs and spices.  Tastes very middle eastern, not much of a fan.

Dinner:  Sole Fillet with Tomato-Pesto Melt Topping and Red Rice
The menu says tomato-pesto melt topping, but I couldn't taste the pesto at all.  

Snack:  Pear and Cracker with Caramelized Onion Dip
I looooved the caramelized onion dip.  Who knew Skyflakes and caramelized onions were a match made in heaven, right?

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