Monday, March 3, 2014

The Lunchbox Diet Diaries: Day 1

Early this year, Hubby and I made a promise to each other to go on a diet.  It's sort of our new year's resolution that got delayed and we only started taking it seriously last week.  Believe me, it's hard to jumpstart a diet when there's so much temptation around you!  BUT, for health and vanity reasons, we had to force ourselves to get up and go.  And to start off our diet, we went with the Lunchbox Diet.

What is the lunchbox diet?  The lunchbox diet is a company that delivers to you calorie-counted meals, 5 days a week.  1200 calories for one whole day's worth of meals, to be exact.  I've done a research online about delivered meals and this is one came out as one of the more promising ones, so I figured, why not?  After a few exchanges through text message, I made my deposit and waited for Monday.  

Early Monday morning, our brown paper bags were delivered. 

Fresh from delivery
Monday's words of encouragement and menu

My lunchboxes
Monday's Food

Breakfast:  Sunny Fritata and Pandesal
Their pandesal was really delicious!  It was so soft, it's like biting into marshmallows!  Sunny fritata was not bad either, I liked biting into small kernels of corn.

Lunch:  Fish Fillet with Romesco Sauce and Red Rice
The fish was quite salty, I have to say.  Good thing they included the sauce for lunch, it balanced off the bland rice and the saltiness of the fish.

Dinner:  Chicken Tambourine and Red Rice
For something that was reheated through the microwave, the chicken came out really soft and moist!  It almost felt like we weren't eating diet food.

Snack:  Banana + Leek and Cheese Muffin
The muffin was a little bit dry.  Though I couldn't imagine cheese and leeks being put together, surprisingly, it's very palatable.

So how did we do on our very first day of the lunchbox diet?  I'd say we did great.  Yes, there were hunger pangs, but that's already expected given the amount of food that was provided.  Don't expect huge servings of food because this is, after all, a diet.  The good thing about it is that the food is not as bland as I expected, and those who can't live without rice wouldn't have to worry because they substitute white rice with red, which supposed to be a healthier alternative.  

So how much, you ask, is this lunchbox diet?  Would you believe it if I tell you that you get 5 days worth of meals (3 meals a day + 2 snacks) for a grand total of Php 1700?!  That only comes out as Php 340/day.  Combined with their free delivery service, I say this is very affordable.

Stay tuned tomorrow, I'll be blogging about our lunchbox diet experience, day 2.

For more information about the Lunchbox Diet, visit their facebook page at:

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  1. The fish was quite salty, I have to say. Good thing they included the sauce for lunch, it balanced off the bland rice and the saltiness of the fish. diet food delivery